READ BLOG: Category 2 information subject to FCC Rule-making. Details for FY2020 are subject to NPRM (FCC 19-58). 

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High-speed broadband that can support digital learning requires a combination of scalable fiber-optic connections, sufficient and affordable bandwidth, and robust internal networks that can deliver information on to student devices in the classroom.

Any network upgrade can be challenging, but EducationSuperHighway is here to help you every step of the way. With specialized network knowledge and procurement skills, our team of highly qualified experts is on hand to provide technical assistance. We also offer tools and resources that help you maximize federal and state funding and implement your upgrade. Hundreds of school districts have already taken advantage of our free support.


For most school districts, fiber is the only network infrastructure technology that can affordably deliver fast network speeds today and continue to scale cost-effectively to meet the growing bandwidth need of the future.

Our team can support you in all aspects of the upgrade process. After discussing your technology goals and district’s current infrastructure, we’ll make bandwidth and architecture recommendations and help you build a case for funding so that all stakeholders understand the budget needed for the upgrade. After we’ve supported you in developing a strong Form 470, we’ll share your bids with service providers across the nation. Once bids are received from service providers, we’ll help you translate those bids to gain leadership buy-in as well as support you in contract negotiation.

We can help you:

  • Plan your broadband network upgrade
  • Research technology and provider options
  • Develop your Form 470/RFP strategy
  • Translate your bid options for leadership buy-in
  • Share your bids with local and national service providers
  • Negotiate your contract
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Wi-Fi & Internal Networks

As part of E-rate modernization, the FCC made $150 per student of funding for internal connections (Category 2) upgrades available over 5 years, but thousands of school districts have yet to use these funds. School leaders must act now to bring robust and reliable Wi-Fi to their classrooms before their E-rate funding opportunity expires.

We are contacting districts to ensure they are aware of their remaining Wi-Fi budget and providing technical assistance, actionable tools and webinars to help them take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

We can help you:

  • Understand your available E-rate Category 2 budget
  • Make best use of E-rate Category 2 funds
  • Determine the network equipment and features needed to deploy a robust internal network
  • Run a successful Wi-Fi procurement
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Improving the affordability of broadband remains the most important lever for closing the connectivity gap. Students need at least 100 kbps of bandwidth per student in order to take advantage of digital learning in the classroom, and the FCC suggests a 2018 connectivity target of 1 Mbps per student.

Many schools desire this robust connectivity for their classrooms but lack the funds necessary to obtain it. Our price transparency tool Compare & Connect K-12 helps district technology leaders get more bandwidth for their budget, making it easy to compare their existing service and pricing with neighbors and similarly-sized districts.

We can help you:

  • Plan for your current and future bandwidth needs
  • Compare what you pay with similar districts
  • Use our templates to develop your Form 470/RFP
  • Research and strengthen your provider options
  • Translate your bid options for leadership buy-in
  • Negotiate your contract
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5 Reasons Why You Should Act Now

E-rate funding and rule changes have created an unprecedented opportunity to support district upgrades to high-speed broadband:

E-rate will cover the cost of deploying new fiber (lit, dark, or self-provisioned), and has suspended the $500,000 cap on construction costs.

Compare & Connect K-12 has created price transparency for districts looking to upgrade their bandwidth.

$150 per student is only guaranteed to support upgrades for Wi-Fi and internal connections through 2019.

An additional 20% E-rate discount is available for districts if the state has a matching fund.

The technical assistance, price comparison tools and procurement resources provided by EducationSuperHighway are all free of charge.

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