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Adoption Program

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Overcoming the Barriers to Broadband Adoption

51.6 million U.S. households qualify the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), but adoption rates remain critically low.  EducationSuperHighway’s Broadband Adoption Program support pilot cities and school districts in the roll-out of their broadband initiatives to ensure that their unconnected households get quickly enrolled and gain home access. 

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Key Benefits

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Outreach Expertise

Access campaign management expertise, including custom messaging and materials, to support all outreach activity.

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Enrollment Support

Our virtual mobile assistant simplifies the ACP enrollment process and provides access to real-time support.

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Systems & Tracking

Get actionable data to understand outreach and enrollment progress. Explore ACP eligibility and adoption rates in states and cities.

for CITIES & school districts

ACP Awareness Best Practices

Local leaders can make an immediate impact on the digital divide in their community by launching awareness campaigns to ensure their residents know about the ACP. Our toolkits provide a step-by-step guide that contains best practices, outreach templates, training materials, and action plans that enable local leaders to make an immediate impact on increasing ACP awareness and adoption.

ACP Enrollment Support Tools

Our virtual mobile assistant simplifies the ACP enrollment process and provides access to real-time support. It helps households:

  • Check their eligibility.
  • Determine the easiest way to qualify.
  • Identify the documents needed when applying
  • Find “free with ACP” broadband plans available at their address.

By answering a series of simple questions, the tool provides a personalized checklist that saves applicants time when they apply. 

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Help Us Close the Broadband Affordability Gap

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Enrollment for the ACP is currently on hold. If you are receiving the ACP, you will continue to receive the benefit until the program ends. Feel free to provide your email, and we’ll notify you on any updates about the ACP.