Our team is dynamic and diverse with backgrounds stemming from consulting, engineering, sales, education, marketing and data science. We are all here because we care deeply in the power of technology to transform public education. We are thankful for the support and guidance of our board.

Evan Marwell

Founder and CEO

Evan is a serial entrepreneur, having started companies over the last 25 years in the telecom, software, hedge fund, and consumer retailing industries including INFONXX (now KGB) and Criterion Capital Management. Collectively, these businesses created thousands of jobs and generated billions of dollars of revenues and investment returns. Evan founded the non-profit EducationSuperHighway in 2012. In its first three years, the organization helped shape President Obama’s ConnectED initiative and served as a catalyst for modernization of the Federal Communications Commission’s $3.9 billion E-rate program, earning Evan the 2015 Visionary of the Year award from the San Francisco Chronicle. Evan is an honors graduate of Harvard College ’87 and Harvard Business School ’92.

Meredith Bradshaw

VP Marketing & Communications

Meredith leads the Marketing team who works to build awareness of and drive demand for EducationSuperHighway’s tools and services among key audiences.

Meredith has more than 17 years of digital, integrated marketing and communication experience with an expertise in integrated communications, digital communications, social media marketing, and digital marketing. In her free time Meredith enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog Benny and friends.

Solomon de los Reyes

Director, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Solomon works with our Strategic Analysis Team to ensure the analyses performed are delivered as impactful insights to government policy makers.

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Solomon worked for a start-up based in Silicon Valley helping financial industry giants adopt open source big data technologies and implement data science based solutions. Solomon’s tenure in Big 4 Consulting had lasting damages, primarily food snobbery and now he spends inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen attempting to create exquisite meals.

Jack Lynch

State Engagement Director

Jack works with state partners to plan and implement strategies that will increase connectivity and reduce the cost of broadband for K-12 students.

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Jack was an engineer at Cisco Systems for five years, working on a range of networking products in Cisco’s switching and computing product lines. When he’s not working to make access to high speed broadband a reality for all of America’s children, Jack likes to spend his time playing sports (he is an average to above-average rec sports athlete), watching sports (he is well above-average as a fan), or enjoying a number of cultural activities ranging from concerts to culinary experiences with friends and family. Jack holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Bill Miskovetz


Bill was previously the CEO of Accenia and a co-founder and VP of Engineering at Trapeze Networks – an early wireless LAN innovator. Bill was also the VP of Engineering at Redback Networks and held a variety of technical and management positions at CISCO. Prior to CISCO, Bill worked in software development at Harris Corp., Cray Research, and The Mathworks. Bill currently serves on the Board of Trustees at The Athenian School in Danville, CA. Bill is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Denise Shephard

VP, Software and Analysis

Denise’s career has cut across both the technology and philanthropy sectors. Retired from the Systems group at Microsoft in 1998, she worked on Windows 95, Windows NT, Internet Explorer as an engineer and technical manager. She then plunged into philanthropy by starting the SF Bay Area Social Venture Partners chapter, investing in SOMA. Denise has also served on numerous boards, including Network for Good, providing advice on software architecture, hiring, and project planning.

Brad Weiger

Vice President, District Consulting

As part of the District Team, Brad partners with school districts to upgrade their network and ensure that they have access to high bandwidth, low cost solutions.

Brad has 12 years experience in management and technology consulting, having worked in a handful of industries such as finance, bio-tech, energy, and specialty coffee. He graduated from Boston University with degrees in Economics and Psychology. In his free time, he enjoys making delicious coffee, making music, traveling, and photography.

Analytics Team

The Analytics team delivers insights that fuel EducationSuperHighway’s programmatic and policy work. The team uses a combination of statistical research, advanced analytical methods, and exploratory analysis to answer organization-wide strategic questions. Data curiosity is a central part of the team’s DNA and a major contributor to the organization’s success to date.

Kat Aquino

Data Scientist

Jamie Barnes

Lead Data Analyst

Jamie is focused on clarifying data with school districts to ensure our analysts have an accurate view of their broadband connectivity and costs.

Before joining EducationSuperHighway, Jamie spent two years researching and analyzing executive compensation data for consultants. She graduated from Santa Clara University’s School of Business with a B.S. in Commerce in Economics and minors in International Business and German. Like a good Portland, Oregon native she loves the outdoors and coffee and she can’t wait to explore more of San Francisco.

Sierra Costanza

Data Engineer

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Sierra worked in data analytics at PayPal helping the marketing team make informed decisions on their campaigns to educate and keep consumers engaged. She also interned with the Federal Aviation Administration and at a Chemistry Lab at the University of Vermont. She attended Johns Hopkins University where she received her Bachelors and Masters in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Besides her passion for data, Sierra enjoys hiking, skiing, dancing/music, flow arts, volunteering (mainly tutoring and arts and crafts activities with children), and playing with her cat.

Bryn Murray

Business Analytics Director

As part of the District Team, Bryn partners with school districts to upgrade their network and ensure that they have access to high bandwidth, low cost solutions.

Her background is in education policy and analysis, working in the nonprofit, private and government sectors. Her focus has been on helping school districts use data to make strategic decisions and inform policy. She has an MPP from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago and a BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University.

A San Francisco native, Bryn enjoys discovering new parts of the Bay Area, trying new restaurants and practicing her cooking and baking skills.

Yubana Pulido

Data Analyst

Prior to EducationSuperHighway, Yubana worked for an Auto Group in the East bay as a System Administrator and Analyst, helping increase efficiency in daily tasks, maintaining security and specifications.  She received a B.S. in Management and a B.A. in Economics from UC Merced. She is an avid collector of nail polishes and loves all things ice cream.

Justine Schott

Data Analyst Manager

Justine creates analyses to help federal and state decision makers shape broadband policies.

Before EducationSuperHighway, Justine worked as an actuarial analyst for a consulting firm, specializing in pension and retiree medical plans. In her free time, she is an avid snowboarder. She is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Actuarial Science and a minor in Mathematics.

Molly Sloane

Data Analyst

Molly works with school district representatives to provide clean and high-quality data and metrics to our analysts, district and state teams.

Prior to ESH, Molly worked for Ellevation Education building data transformation pipelines to help school districts efficiently manage their English Language Learner student data. In her free time Molly can almost always be found outside – running, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, playing music and reading. Molly is a graduate of Tufts University with a B.S. in Quantitative Economics.

Adam Smith

Data Analyst

As a Business Analyst, I am responsible for data integrity and producing data driven insights for the District and State Teams to facilitate their needs. I grew up on the Peninsula in the Bay Area. I completed a BA in Economics at SFSU and worked in the banking industry for five years. I returned to school in 2017 to complete a MS in Quantitative Economics from Cal Poly, SLO in order to pursue a more technical career where I could apply my passion for economics. I have a wide range of interests including transportation & urban planning, public policy, crypto currencies, 3D modeling and animation, motorcycles, PC gaming, disc golf, and paintball.

Surafael Yared

Data Analyst

Surafael received his B.A. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science as well as a Statistics minor from USC. Before joining ESH’s Data Quality team he worked at a neuroimaging and informatics lab at USC, where he helped develop workflows for large-scale processing of MRI. Recognizing his passion for working really closely with data, Surafael sought out opportunities in the Silicon Valley and was sold by the unique challenge and impactful mission that EducationSuperHighway offered. Although a South Bay native, he’s still learning his way around San Francisco and seeking out new places to explore. Surafael loves to discuss track, which he used to compete in, fantasy football, which he currently competes in, and embraces diving into philosophical rabbit holes during conversation.

District Team

The District team works directly with school districts across the country to determine the best solution for upgrading their schools. Providing advice and guidance to school district leaders, we develop creative and cost-effective infrastructure upgrade plans. We then work with service providers and other stakeholders to make upgrades happen. The team shapes our work organization-wide by using its on-the-ground perspective to address the real needs of districts, schools, and students.

Greer Ahlquist

Program Director

Greer is a member of the District team, working directly with school districts to find connectivity solutions that meet the digital learning needs of their students.

Prior to working with EducationSuperHighway, Greer was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she supported public sector clients across a variety of areas, including telecommunications and grants management.  She also spent a summer as an Education Pioneers fellow with the Charter School Growth Fund.Outside of work, you can find her hanging with her dog (and husband), listening to podcasts, and searching for flat parts of the city to run. Greer holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University and a MBA from Chicago Booth.

Hanna Beckman

Senior District Consultant

Prior to joining the District Team, Hanna served as Coro Fellow in Public Affairs where she worked across government, non-profit, and for-profit sectors. Previously, she helped teachers and administrators across the country expand their computer science programs with CodeHS. Hanna also taught at an elementary in San Jose for three years by way of Teach for America. She has a B.A. in History and Political Science from UC Santa Barbara. Outside of work you can find her playing volleyball, softball, spikeball, KanJam, or whichever game is invented next.

Josh Chisom

E-rate Program Director

As part of the District Team, Josh partners with school districts to upgrade their network and ensure that they have access to high bandwidth, low cost solutions. Josh has twenty years of experience in K-12 and higher education.

Before joining ESH, Josh was an E-rate consultant for eight years and, prior to that, a Site Reviewer for the E-rate program.  In his off hours he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing guitar with his rock band, and reading history books and detective novels.

Ellen Goldich

Program Director

Ellen is a member of the consulting team tasked with managing EducationSuperHighway’s district programs. In an effort to ensure that the promise of digital learning can thrive, Ellen supports partner districts by helping them get connected to high speed broadband services.

Previously, Ellen worked as a Partnership Manager at eSpark Learning, overseeing program implementation, analyzing student achievement data, and delivering blended learning professional development for teachers. A veteran of the Chicago Public Schools system, Ellen obtained a B.A. in English Literature and Slavic Studies from Northwestern University. A recent transplant to the West Coast, you can often find Ellen frolicking in the outdoors, browsing her local farmers market, and reading at coffee shops.

Veronica Ramos

Senior District Consultant

Veronica works on the District Team helping match schools districts with affordable internet connectivity solutions. Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway Veronica spent five years working in Europe, Mexico, and Hawaii in various international education and technology industry positions. She spent the last two years in Mexico City as a Customer Success Advocate for KIO Networks providing cloud based productivity solutions for their Latin American market. Veronica has a BA in psychology from California State University, Long Beach, and remains a faithful 49er at heart. In her spare time she likes to explore San Francisco, go to concerts, practice her Spanish, and is a friend to all dogs. In 2012 Veronica was afflicted with wanderlust and has yet to recover. She plans to spend the rest of her life traveling the world in search of a cure.

Tim Riley

Director, Service Provider Partnerships

Tim leads our work with service providers. He is responsible for building and managing relationships with service providers across the country, and to encourage winning solutions that help schools meet their bandwidth goals.

Tim has 20 years of experience in the telecoms sector.  His career has come full circle, as his first job was working to advance distance learning in Oklahoma in the mid 90’s.   Tim’s experience includes executive management in the wireless, CLEC and RLEC space.  Tim has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications, and a Master of Science in Telecommunications Management from Oklahoma State University. In his free time, Tim enjoys time with his family, watching OSU Cowboy athletics, and riding the back roads of Oklahoma on his gravel road bike.

Brian Shih

Principal Network Consultant

Brian helps school districts with their technical issues. He makes sure that districts have access to all of the valuable resources and tools necessary for them to optimally run their networks.

Brian has over 15 years of experience designing, building, operating, and troubleshooting networks of all sizes in various parts of the world. These days, he’s glad that he doesn’t spend his days in data centers anymore.

Evan Shea

Senior District Consultant

As part of the District Team, Evan partners with school districts to upgrade their network and ensure that they have access to high bandwidth, low cost solutions.
Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Evan worked at a tech start-up for three years in business development and account management.  His previous experience working and volunteering in schools showed him firsthand the power of technology in the classroom.  He holds a BA in Public Policy from Duke University, and grew up in Louisiana.

He enjoys cooking up Italian or Cajun concoctions, exploring the city, and cheering on the Saints and Blue Devils.

Eliza Straim

Senior District Consultant

As a member of the District Team, Eliza partners with schools districts to pursue the network upgrade solutions that best fit their digital learning needs.

Eliza has spent her career in the advocacy non-profit world, running legislative, communications and fundraising campaigns for the American Civil Liberties Union New Jersey, Students Active for Ending Rape and Planned Parenthood St. Louis and Southwest Missouri. She holds a B.A. in American Studies from Skidmore College. As a recent Bay Area transplant, she’s spending her free time going on outdoor adventures, perfecting various baking recipes and exploring her new community.

Christine Yoo

Program Manager

As a District Consultant, Christine works with school districts to make digital learning a reality in all classrooms across the U.S. 

Prior to joining the District Team at EducationSuperHighway, Christine worked as an Experienced Associate within the PwC SF Advisory practice, specializing in the healthcare industry. She then spent a summer as a 2016 Education Pioneers fellow, working with LA’s largest charter school network. Christine holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and an M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania. On a typical Saturday, you can find Christine at a Thai or dimsum restaurant, a local farmers market, or if she’s feeling ambitious, a breezy hiking trail. 

Tess Zaretsky

Senior District Consultant

Previously, Tess served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea, where she taught English to middle-school students and implemented an arts-based after-school curriculum. Upon returning to the states, she managed a City Year team in their year of service at Bronx Early College Academy. Tess has a B.A. in English and Communications from Tulane University. New to the Bay Area by way of New York, you can find Tess exploring SF’s best soup dumplings and concert venues or planning her next trip abroad.

Madeline Zdeblick

Senior District Consultant

Prior to EducationSuperHighway, Madeline had worked in a number of different non-profits. She spent time developing small-scale female run businesses for a micro-finance organization in India before returning to the Bay Area. Back in San Francisco she worked for iMentor, where her role involved analyzing and assessing the organization’s recruitment data in order to strategize new initiatives for finding mentors for local high schoolers. Her love of improving the public school experience and working with the numbers brought her to ESH’s Data Quality Team. She received B.As in Political Science and Media Studies from UC Berkeley.

When she’s not working she enjoys camping and traveling, and finding the best live music around the Bay.

Marketing and Communications Team

The Marketing team works to build awareness of and drive demand for EducationSuperHighway’s tools and services among key audiences. At the same time, we seek to elevate EducationSuperHighway as the preeminent expert on the topic of Internet in schools. The team also plays a key role in our advocacy work, facilitating partnerships, and articulating case studies and best practices for school district upgrades.

Ellie Cotari

Senior Designer

Alyssa Cubello

Marketing Manager

Alyssa works on the Outreach Team to develop communication strategies with key partners so that they can spread the word about EducationSuperHighway to school districts within their state.

Alyssa’s passions for education, policy, and social justice were sparked at Boston College, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Faith, Peace, and Justice. She developed her interest in educational technology while working as an account manager in Oracle’s higher education sales division. In her free time she enjoys running, reading, and exploring the beautiful Bay Area.

Victoria Holmes

Director, Strategic Communications and Content

As our Marketing Communications Manager, Victoria works to ensure our mission is clearly communicated while building national awareness of our commitment to transforming education.

Victoria wakes up every day determined to drive social change for underserved populations, especially children.  As a marketer with more than a decade of experience under her belt, she’s used the fundamentals of public relations and the ingenuity of social media to secure recognition for the D.C. Lottery, the internationally acclaimed Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Michigan, and the U.S. Departments of Defense and Education. Victoria bleeds green for Michigan State University, where she earned a B.A in journalism. She also holds a master’s  from Georgetown University in digital communications. When she isn’t tweeting, you can find her on the “lookout for the presence of wonder.” She likes traveling, hiking, and polishing her DIY skills.

Andy John

Director, Marketing Programs

Andy works with our state and district partners to develop marketing and communications strategies that ensure our programs and tools reach those who need them most.

Prior to EducationSuperHighway, Andy held marketing and fundraising roles with ActionAid and the Campaign for Female Education in the US and UK. Having spent over a decade working in global development non-profits, he is passionate about education and ensuring every child has the resources to reach their potential.  In his free time, Andy enjoys walking, skiing and watching Wales play rugby.

Natalia Marcantonio

Marketing Manager

As part of the Marketing Team, Natalia develops the district communication strategy and plan, works with state leaders to tailor strategy to state-specific context/timing, create marketing and outreach materials, and build relationships with communication partners.

Before joining EducationSuperHighway, Natalia began her career in social work and then transitioned to marketing. Most recently, she worked as a Social Media Marketing Associate at My Digital Tat2, a non-profit working to facilitate conversations that inspire ethical online behavior among K-12 children. Prior to that she worked in Marketing at Filice Insurance in San Jose. Natalia received her Bachelors in Social Work from Eastern Connecticut State University and worked in non profits helping K-12 children and young adults. A few years later, she moved to the Bay Area in search of new opportunities. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exploring new areas and hiking. She also loves to dance and is a huge chocoholic.

Operations Team

The Operations team does anything and everything needed to support every individual and every team at EducationSuperHighway. We recruit top talent and then provide them ongoing professional growth support, coordinate team and culture building events, ensure information flows freely across the organization and, keep the team well-fed. We also make sure that behind the scenes the machine runs smoothly so that EducationSuperHighway is an efficient and effective operation.

Tara Droz

Executive Assistant

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Tara held various positions in the securities industry and most recently was a recruiting coordinator at Twitter. She holds a B.A in Communication from Fresno State University. When she’s not coordinating calendars or planning our next event, you can find Tara cooking, volunteering, or on a yoga mat.

Tricia O’Neill

Director, Operations

State Team

The State team partners with state government officials to develop statewide strategic plans to upgrade K-12 connectivity. Since 2014, the team has worked with over 20 states to identify opportunities to improve broadband access, secure funding for new fiber infrastructure, and catalyze bandwidth upgrades for schools in need. Each team member builds relationships with executives in Governor’s offices, state departments of education and technology, broadband service providers, and other agencies.

Sophia Green-Robinson

State Engagement Director

Sophia is a member of  the State Engagement Team assisting our state partners in their strategic planning and implementation for K-12 broadband connectivity.

Sophia comes to EducationSuperHighway with over 28 years of business development, municipal finance, project finance and business utilization experience. She has served as the Business Development Director for a large engineering design company, founder of an investment banking/financial advisory firm, the former Treasurer of Washington DC and an attorney.  Sophia has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center.

Sophia has served on numerous boards and enjoys swimming, running, traveling and family.  

Jenny Miller

State Engagement Director

Jenny works with K-12 education leaders and state government officials, helping them align on a solution where our nation’s students get the resources they need to realize their true potential.

Jenny is a proud born-and-raised Hoosier and attended Indiana University for undergrad before going on to Stanford, where she received her M.S. in Statistics. She worked on the Obama Campaign in 2008, solidifying her passion for social justice. Prior to ESH, Jenny worked in modeling and analysis of polling data, and later worked in management consulting in New York. She’s a self-described “pretentious literature enthusiast,” actually enjoys exercising, and finds improv comedy to be one of the most impressive feats of mankind. You can find her in the East Bay with her husband and her cat Espresso.

Grace Ting

State Engagement Director

Grace works with state leaders to improve internet connectivity in K-12 public schools. She has over 10 years of experience in education and technology and is excited to be at ESH, working to close the digital divide and support equity in public education.

Prior to joining the team, Grace worked as a consultant with a number of education organizations. Before that, she was at Edmodo, where she led a team that worked with school districts across the country to implement digital learning. Earlier in her career, she worked at Google managing Fortune 500 client accounts and advising them on digital marketing strategy. Grace has a B.A. from Wesleyan University.
Grace lives in San Francisco and loves biking to work, cooking, playing outdoors, traveling, and dabbling in a mishmash of hobbies

Software Team

The Software team is crucial to the success of our organization. For a small non-profit to have national impact, we need to develop scalable solutions, and software makes it possible for us to achieve that scale. We utilize the React framework along with Ruby, Rails, Postgresql, Python, Elixir, to build internal tools that create leverage for our district, state, and national work. We also design and build external products like www.compareandconnectk12.org. The team consists of product managers, engineers, and designers utilizing agile principles to support school upgrades across the US.

James Brennan

Software Engineer

James is a Senior Software Engineer. He enjoys discovering the common patterns in apparently disparate things.

When he’s not crafting code he can be found in his rehearsal space crafting words and melodies. James is delighted to be part of the ESH family, happy to apply his skills to the work of building a strong network of learning for all students.

Steve Chen

Software Developer

Steve has done DevOps work at Apple, CouchSurfing, and as a consultant for startups. He has also worked as a snowboard instructor and volunteered as a mentor for students from elementary through high school. Building applications for EducationSuperHighway is a great combination of his interests in technology and education. When he is not at a computer he likes to get out of the city – usually camping and hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter, but most of all he loves spending time with his pibble puppy Bane Buttercup (1.5), the occasional foster pup, or volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Mark Hurty

Product Manager

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Mark worked on the IT Solutions Team at Teach For America, taught middle school in Oakland, and designed user experiences and interfaces with a small product design team of engineers during the first wave of the commercial internet. He co-founded the indie music site Daytrotter. Mark’s interests include theatre, food, wine, biking, and he’s developing mad skills as a grandfather.

Meghan Murphy

Senior Product Manager

Meghan works on software product management. She ensures the software products we develop meet the needs of our users and help to overcome barriers to bringing broadband to schools.

Prior to EducationSuperHighway, Meghan spent six years leading program management at the nonprofit Freelancers Union in New York City, where she managed the development and roll-out of new business lines. Meghan has a B.A. from Yale University and is pursuing her MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and exploring the Bay Area.

Jen Overgaag

Software Engineer

Jen removes technical barriers for school district tech directors and helps them upgrade their networks so that students spend less time waiting for learning to load and more time engaging with rich digital content.

Jen discovered her passion for technology in education while in Zambia, where she first worked directly with schools. Over the years, Jen has designed and installed emergency relief networks in Haiti and the Philippines, led a project to provide power, computers, and connectivity to 900 schools in Tanzania, and provided Internet connectivity to HIV/AIDS clinics in rural Kenya. In her free time she loves to explore the world, dance, and create.

Laura Pierczynski

Senior UI/UX Designer

As a member of the Software team, Laura designs the user interface for the applications we create to help states and school districts be more informed buyers of broadband services.

Prior to EducationSuperHighway, she has over 14 years of experience designing in every media: web, UI/UX, email, and print. She has an M.F.A. in Computer Arts and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. In her free time, she loves to travel, create, and spend time with family and friends.

Daniela Schiano di Cola

Software Engineer

As part of the engineering team, Daniela helps build both internal applications for data quality and data analyst teams, and external applications to help school districts make better decisions for broadband services.

Daniela has a background in linguistics and a passion for learning foreign languages. Prior to EducationSuperHighway, Daniela developed foreign language curriculum for classroom and e-Learning programs. In her spare time, Daniela loves exploring the outdoors, studying Persian-Farsi, and practicing acrobatics.

Lindsey Stevenson

Software Engineer

Lindsey works with school districts to provide accurate, high-quality data for ESH’s team of analysts.

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway Lindsey spent a year in operations at a San Francisco-based start up honing her contract negotiation and putting her logistical skills to the test. She’s ecstatic to put those skills to use working at ESH to provide data to the analyst team and help districts and schools get better deals and more broadband. Lindsey holds a B.A in German Literature and Language from University of Oregon with a minor in Arabic Language. In her free timeLindsey loves to knit, swim, hike, back-pack and write. She’s also on a mission to visit every state park in California!

Charlie Ward

Software Developer

Charlie builds internal applications for the data quality and data analyst teams. These applications aid statistical inferences concerning the state of schools’ broadband across America. He also creates external applications to help schools and districts become more informed buyers of broadband services.

Before joining EducationSuperHighway, Charlie went to Trinity College Dublin and has a background in mathematical economics and political science. In his spare time Charlie likes practicing yoga, Brazilian jiu jitsu and watching “soccer”, or as he knows it football!

Anthony Zirilli

Systems Analyst

As a member of the Engineering Team, Anthony works to ensure an accurate and comprehensive view of broadband services that school districts receive across the country.
Before EducationSuperHighway, Anthony was a Business Data Analyst at Atlantic Media in Washington, DC, where his interest in answering questions through data was cemented. He graduated from the George Washington University with a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and a concentration in Information Systems. As a recent transplant to the Bay Area, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring the scenic views, and discovering the hidden gems of Oakland.

Our Board

Dr. Phillip Alvelda

Dr. Phillip Alvelda is the CEO & Chairman of TaDa, a media, technology and telecommunications startup, and the founding Chairman of The Westminster Institute for Science Education [WISE], an organization that helps schools extend and enrich STEM education with an emphasis on technical design, creativity, and innovation. Prior to TaDa and WISE, Dr. Alvelda was the founding CEO of MobiTV, the world’s leading provider of live TV, video-on-demand and music over mobile networks. Dr. Alvelda and his team took the idea of “rich media delivery over wireless networks” from concept to market leadership with the world’s first live television experience over mobile phones, creating an entirely new media distribution channel, now called mobile television. Since MobiTV’s 2003 debut on Sprint, Dr. Alvelda grew the service to more than two million paying subscribers on all the major US, Canadian, UK, and Latin American wireless networks. The company now has over 17 million subscribers, making MobiTV the US’s 3rd largest television provider by distribution.

Dr. Alvelda received an Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, was selected by Fast Company as the US’s 15th most influential high technology entrepreneur, and has been granted numerous other technology and industry leadership awards from AlwaysOn, CNET, Fierce, Frost & Sullivan, Mobile Entertainment (One of the top 20 most influential New Media Executives), Red Herring and other influencers for innovation and market leadership. He is a regular invited speaker at media and telecom industry events including the World Economic Forum where he was chosen as a “Technology Pioneer” in 2007.

Prior to MobiTV, Dr. Alvelda was the founding CEO and CTO of The MicroDisplay Corporation, a manufacturer of high-resolution miniature displays for low cost HDTVs. Prior to MicroDisplay, Dr. Alvelda was a developer of spacecraft hardware and software systems, and new computing architectures at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he designed and built a series of sensors that flew on the Space Shuttle as well as the Galileo and Magellan interplanetary spacecraft. Dr. Alvelda holds over 18 patents and patents-pending on a wide range of technologies, a technical Emmy Award, a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Cornell University, and Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Jim Bildner

Jim Bildner  is a Managing Director of Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation where he applies decades of private sector and government service experience to increase the capacity of organizations to solve complex societal problems and to expand funding available to help address these issues.  He is a lecturer and researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Hauser Center Institute for Nonprofit Organizations, as well as a trustee of The Kresge Foundation and a director on several nonprofit boards. Jim earned his AB from Dartmouth, MPA from Harvard, J.D. from Case Western and a M.F.A. from Lesley University.

Todd Carter

Todd Carter is a Managing Director with GCA Savvian, an investment bank focused on technology companies.  He has more than 20 years of investment banking experience, completing hundreds of mergers and acquisitions, financings, merchant banking and advisory transactions.  Prior to GCA Savvian, Todd was President of Robertson Stephens, an internationally recognized investment bank with annual revenues exceeding $1.5 billion. Todd received his BA from University of Texas and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan, the entrepreneurial founder of Flip Video, has launched a new venture called The Melt –a new fast casual restaurant business that combines technology with simple, irresistible cuisine for a fun, memorable dining experience. With 25 Bay Area-based locations opening in 2012, The Melt will specialize in high-quality grilled cheese sandwiches and seasonally fresh soups. Prior to starting The Melt, Kaplan served as senior vice president and general manager of the Cisco Consumer Business Group after his former company, Pure Digital Technologies, was acquired in 2009. As CEO, Chairperson and Founder of Pure Digital Technologies, Kaplan invented the wildly popular Flip Video camcorder line. The industry-changing impact of the Flip Video family was noted by Business Week, as it featured Kaplan as one of the Most Influential People on the Web for 2008. Previously, he founded FamilyWonder, a leading children¹s entertainment venture which was sold to SEGA of Japan.  Kaplan began his career in publishing and was responsible for key technology initiatives at Conde Nast.  He has taught as an adjunct professor at New York University and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in industrial management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ashley Leeds

Ashley Leeds is a founding partner of RIME Communications Capital. Previously, she was a founding partner at Baker Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm in media and communications, an investment banker at Lehman Brothers where she advised media and communications companies. She has been a director on multiple private and public company boards and currently serves on the Grace Church School Board.  Ashley graduated from Harvard College and received an MBA from Stanford.  She has served as an advisory committee member at Harvard University and a Trust advisor to the Stanford Business School.

Jeff Snipes

Jeff Snipes has 20 years of experience in corporate learning, leadership development and education technology. He served as Founder & CEO of Ninth House, growing it into the largest provider of online leadership development and blended learning technology to the Fortune 500, and recently led the sale of PDI Ninth House to Korn/Ferry.  Jeff actively advises and invests in education-related ventures, including Stanford’s ChallengeSuccess, Aspire Schools, Schoolzilla, Mindful Schools, and the Coalition for Innovative Schools. Jeff has been named ABA CEO of the Year, is a member of YPO, and received his BA and BBA at Southern Methodist University.

Interested in working with us? See our open opportunities on our careers page.