Organizational Operations

The day-to-day of running a nonprofit is the real work. You need to find the people, passion, money, and tools to make it work every day. We gathered some good lessons along the way on fundraising, hiring mission-driven people, and why a finite goal can help you align for impact.

The Beginning

Founding EducationSuperHighway

A coincidence led Evan Marwell to take on the challenge of starting EducationSuperHighway and closing the school connectivity gap.

Fundraising tips to help maximize your impact

Similar to startups, we fundraised in sprints using key milestones. Consider how you could apply this approach to your fundraising model.

How setting a finite goal accelerated our success

We had one finite goal that guided every project, hire, and dollar spent. Learn the benefits of this approach, and considerations for setting a finite goal within your nonprofit.

Why a designer should be one of your first hires

When you are trying to convince funders and partners to work with you, having professionally designed materials will give you that extra confidence to make your case.

Leadership & Management

Empowering our leaders to lead

Learn how we worked to intentionally develop our leadership team so that we could empower our organization and achieve our mission.

Connecting organizational silos

Silos happen in every organization, but we made an intentional effort to break them down early and often. Here are three ways we improved communication across teams.

Hiring for talent and passion

Mission alignment was just as important as skills and experiences during our hiring process. See how we looked for and fostered mission alignment.

Part 1: Starting at the end

EducationSuperHighway's sunset occurred in three phases over three years. The first phase focused on board approval, leadership alignment, and financial planning.

Part 2: The middle of the road

In year two of our sunsetting process, we learned a lot about the time, detailed planning, and communication required to effectively close our nonprofit.

Part 3: The final chapter

The last year of our organization was spent executing our plan. We discovered eight critical pieces to closing down in a thoughtful and effective way.


Living our values

Hear from our staff at EducationSuperHighway how we committed to our values and made them a part of our daily work.

A team committed to the mission

If you have a team commited to your mission, you can only do better. See how we looked for those attributes while hiring.

The importance of investing in professional development

By investing heavily in professional and career development, we met our retention goals and set up our team members for success in their next job.