On-the-ground work

Our greatest challenge was to scale our services across the country with a limited team. Learn about how we were able to scale our teams to work in all 50 states by using data, creating self-service options, managing scope, and leveraging partners.

Defining the work

Designing our direct service model to achieve scale

Over six years we created a high-touch program to help upgrade school districts. Learn how it evolved over time.

Using data for impactful segmentation

Categorizing our audience using quantitative and qualtitative data was key to success.

Managing scope

It’s really hard to say no. To avoid mission creep, we asked ourselves two questions every time a new request came up.

Scaling and finishing the work

Learn how we scaled

How we went from working one-on-one with districts to implementing a one-to-many approach.

The final 1%

The hardest part is not the beginning — it’s the end. Those last special cases mean all ideas are on the table.