Data Strategy

We invested 40% of our budget in data. What does that mean? We were able to collect, interpret, automate, and scale our data analysis to drive progress to our goals every day across the organization. Learn about our data journey and discover how you might build upon your data strategy.

Data Strategy

Define your data strategy

The power of why: Learn how to ask questions that accelerate progress

A data strategy defines how your organization will use data to accelerate success. Asking the right questions is a key part of the process.

Build and scale a dataset to drive your mission forward

Over the course of eight years, our dataset went from a single Excel spreadsheet to a data warehouse. It drove our programmatic strategy and helped us achieve our goals.

Using data to inform strategies, not just results

We used data to deliver impact – to influence policy changes, to create price transparency, to lower the cost of broadband – and to solve the classroom connectivity problem.

Scaling your data systems

When analyzing large amounts of data, you need to evaluate the best tools and systems that will scale as you do.

Use data to influence stakeholders

Learn how even with a small data set, you can influence stakeholders for impact.

Invigorate your annual report

We used our annual report to celebrate, compel, and engage with our audience. Discover how your nonprofit could make small changes for a big impact.

Create Data Culture

Leadership makes data strategy possible

When leadership prioritizes data-informed strategy, it permeates the whole organization.

Making data readily available

Data was our secret weapon. Learn about the phases of our data journey and how it helped us achieve our mission.