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Explore ACP adoption rates and trends in U.S. states and cities.

No Home Left Offline Report: Accelerating ACP Adoption.

Free tools to increase ACP awareness and support enrollment.

Governors in 29 states have made ACP adoption a priority.

Affordable Connectivity Program Enrollment Dashboard

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State and City Data Refreshed: February 2024 | About the Data

Use the dashboard to effectively target new federal broadband funding to support Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) awareness and adoption efforts. Hover over the map to see progress in each state or click to open the dashboard for progress by city.

ACP-Eligible Households
51.6 M
1 M
1 %
1 M

Governor Leadership

Over the past year, closing the broadband affordability gap has become a national priority. The new $14.2 billion federal broadband benefit program provides eligible households with a discount of up to $30 per month (up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands) and a one-time $100 discount toward a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. State and local leaders can take immediate action to increase ACP adoption by:

  • Launching ACP awareness campaigns.
  • Developing ACP enrollment support strategies that leverage Digital Equity Act funds to enable outreach to and support for unconnected households by community-based organizations and trusted institutions.

29 governors have already made ACP adoption a priority in their states.

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Evan Marwell

“No Home Left Offline starts with ensuring every eligible household knows about the Affordable Connectivity Program, can easily enroll, and then sign up for high-speed internet service. We applaud the bold leadership of those governors who are making ACP adoption a priority.”

Overcoming Awareness, Trust & Enrollment Barriers

51.6 million households are eligible for the ACP, including 17.7 million currently unconnected, yet enrollment rates remain critically low. Complex awareness, trust, and enrollment barriers keep under-resourced households offline.

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In many communities, 75% of eligible households are unaware of the Affordable Connectivity Program

Lack of awareness that many ISPs offer ‘free with ACP’ service plans

Difficulty understanding ACP eligibility requirements

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Skeptical about government programs and free services

Worried about future or unexpected costs if the subsidy ends

Concerned about sharing personal information for eligibility confirmation

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Lack of internet access and language barriers make it difficult to access the ACP’s online sign-up processes

The ACP application is long (30-45 minutes) and complex

45% of applications are rejected and many more fail to complete the application process

How to Accelerate ACP Adoption

1. Leverage Unprecedented Funding To Close the Broadband Affordability Gap

51.6 million households are eligible for the ACP, including 17.7 million unconnected households.

2. Boost Awareness of the ACP to Unconnected Households

Only 35% of those eligible for the ACP have enrolled to date.

3. Provide Support To Remove the Barriers to ACP Enrollment

45% of applicants are rejected and many more fail to complete the ACP enrollment process.

4. Help Enrolled Households Sign Up for Affordable Broadband Plans

74% of ACP-eligible households are covered by a "free with ACP" broadband plan.

ACP Awareness Best Practices

Local leaders can make an immediate impact on the digital divide in their community by launching awareness campaigns to ensure their residents know about the ACP. Our Affordable Connectivity Program Adoption Toolkit for Local Leaders is a step-by-step guide that contains best practices, outreach templates, training materials, and action plans that enable leaders to make an immediate impact on increasing ACP awareness and adoption.

ACP Enrollment Support Tools

Our virtual mobile assistant simplifies the ACP enrollment process and provides access to real-time support. It helps households:

  • Check their eligibility.
  • Determine the easiest way to qualify.
  • Identify the documents needed when applying
  • Find “free with ACP” broadband plans available at their address.

By answering a series of simple questions, the tool provides a personalized checklist that saves applicants time when they apply. 

Close Two-thirds of America's Digital Divide

Approximately 28.2 million of the 122.8 million households in the United States do not have high-speed broadband. The historical narrative has been that these households are unconnected because they do not have access to high-speed Internet infrastructure.

However, the reality is that 17 million of these households, home to 47 million people, are simply offline because they cannot afford an available Internet connection. Since launching our first No Home Left Offline (2021) report, closing this broadband affordability gap has become a national priority.

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We’re building a broad public-private partnership between governments, community-based organizations, trusted institutions, businesses, and the non-profit sector to build awareness of the ACP and facilitate enrollment support in person, virtually, and using technical assistance tools.

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