Our success would not have been possible without the many partners who connected students across America. Learn about how to create successful partnerships with government, industry, and other nonprofits to achieve scale and impact.

Our guiding principles to building partnerships

Our guiding principles for partnerships included clear objectives, mutual understanding, and flexible invitations.

Governors as champions

Governors were critical to upgrading 99% of schools’ broadband. They made it a priority, provided resources, and connected us to schools.

Partners who paved the way

The classroom connectivity gap was closed because many organizations knew it was a priority.

Industry partnerships: Consultants

E-rate consultants help school districts apply for federal funding so they can upgrade their Internet connections. Learn how we engaged these experts to drive school upgrades.

Building industry partnerships: Internet service providers

Internet service provider partnerships were key to upgrading school broadband connections. Learn about how we forged relationships and drove impact with providers.

State broadband leaders

Thank you to the state broadband leaders who went above and beyond to help close the classroom connectivity gap, and continue to support schools.

Partnering for policy change

Strong partnerships can help you advance your mission and create policy change. These partners were instrumental to closing the connectivity gap.

Partners who helped us grow professionally

We could not have completed our mission without the human capital partners who helped us find, recruit, and train our staff.