Red tape is stalling classroom connectivity across the country. Read how.

Closing the Connectivity Gap

Do your state’s K-12 students have the bandwidth they need for digital learning?


How we work with states

We partner with governors and state agencies to accelerate school upgrades, helping to ensure that state leaders take advantage of billions in FCC funding to get fiber to every school, Wi-Fi in every classroom, and broadband schools can afford.

Close the fiber gap

Get Wi-Fi to every classroom

Make broadband affordable

Our state partners

We are honored to work with governors and state agency leaders across the country to connect all students to the promise of digital learning.

Click on a highlighted state to learn more about our past and current partnerships.

Want to learn more about school connectivity in your state? View the 2017 State of the States Report

Get your students connected

With the growing demand for robust connectivity in the classroom, state leaders face a complex challenge in bringing access to scale.

We partner with state leaders to set goals, identify opportunities to deploy scalable infrastructure, and increase affordability by providing consulting services and tools for school districts.

We’re here to help your state achieve equal access to broadband in all of your schools.

EducationSuperHighway is not a service provider nor a vendor—as a mission-driven non-profit we offer all our products and services at no charge.


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