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We work with school districts big and small; rural, urban, and in-between. If you are a school district leader seeking a better solution for high-speed Internet, we are here to help you get fiber to the schools that need it, ensure your classrooms have robust Wi-Fi, and to make broadband more affordable.

Our mission is for all students across the country to have the bandwidth they need for digital learning. To do that, we empower you with data and resources needed to plan and implement a broadband network upgrade. We offer technical guidance, online education resources, and actionable tools to accelerate your upgrade -- all free of charge


District Upgrade Program

Our district upgrade program is designed to help you get ahead without increasing your workload. Whether you are in the midst of an upgrade or do not know yet if you need one, this program offers technical and procurement expertise to find sustainable and affordable Internet solutions for your schools. Our process begins with gaining a deep understanding of your technology needs. Next, we engage with the service provider community on your behalf to find you competitive options. Finally, we work with you to develop a strategy that supports your E-rate procurement process.

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Compare & Connect K-12

Live demo of our free price transparency tool that helps district technology leaders get more bandwidth for their budget.


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2017 State of the States

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Discover if your school has enough bandwidth to support digital learning

Tools & Resources

Compare & Connect K-12

Find your school district and see how your broadband deals compare to neighboring districts

Tools & Resources

Form 470 + RFP Templates

Download our free E-rate program templates to guide you through the Form 470 process



School Districts

still need to upgrade to effectively use the Internet in their classrooms.

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Quote Yellow-Orange

"We are so grateful for all your help with the RFP. Getting fiber to our district is a bigger project than we have ever taken on, but you made it seem easy!"

Darla Meeuwsen, Superintendent Sauvie Island Academy, Oregon

Quote Aqua

"In the beginning, we thought that this was too good to be true. What ESH is doing - at no cost and while being so helpful - is so hard to believe."

John Wehrman, Technology Director Cayuse Prairie SD, Montana

Quote Yellow

"I'm not sure we would have the ability to do this so easily without your data. It was an eye opener."

Tom Hering, Director of IT Great Falls Public Schools, Montana