Red tape is stalling classroom connectivity across the country. Read how.

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Our Mission

Upgrade the Internet access in every public school classroom in America so that every student has the opportunity to take advantage of the promise of digital learning.

State of the Nation

We have made significant progress, but

6.5 MILLION STUDENTS still lack broadband for digital learning.

That’s over 9,400 schools not meeting the minumum bandwidth goal for digital learning. The outlook is much worse if you consider the rapid growth in school bandwidth demand over the next three years.


How We Address This Issue

Inspire State Action

We catalyze action by working with leaders at the federal and state level to effect change. Governors and state leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to bring their schools into the 21st century. New FCC funding for K-12 broadband enables schools to afford faster connectivity. Learn how your state can get students connected.

Close the Fiber Gap

We close the fiber gap by working with states to get high-speed, fiber-optic connections to schools that currently lack access. Fiber is most often the only technology that will cost-effectively deliver the speeds necessary to meet schools’ growing bandwidth needs. Learn how to close the fiber gap in your state.

Ensure Wi-Fi Access

A wireless solution is one of the most complex purchases a school district must make. We help school districts determine the network equipment and features needed to build a robust Wi-Fi network and how to use E-rate’s $150 per student allocation efficiently. Learn more about how to ensure robust Wi‑Fi in your school district.

Make Broadband Affordable

The high cost of broadband prevents many schools from getting the bandwidth they need. We make broadband more affordable for schools by increasing transparency of what school districts and states pay for broadband and Wi-Fi. Learn how price transparency can help increase bandwidth.

Take Action to Connect Students

Compare & Connect K-12 - Get more bandwidth for your budget

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