Keep students connected
during COVID-19

Resources to help school districts increase
connectivity outside the classroom


The classroom connectivity
gap is closed.

99% of all K-12 school districts in the U.S. now
have access to high-speed Internet

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Tools & Resources

Free tips, templates, and support for your
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Internet access isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity.

Children cannot learn skills for tomorrow with dial-up speeds from the past.

That is why it was our mission to upgrade the Internet access in every public school classroom in America.

Working with state leaders, partners, providers, and school districts 40.7 million more students have high-speed internet access than did in 2013. It is now conceivable that every classroom has the opportunity to take advantage of digital learning tools every day.

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Alongside state and school district leaders, policymakers, and advocates, we've helped over 40 million students access high-speed Internet.   Explore now

99% of America’s schools now have high-speed broadband connections capable of providing enough bandwidth to enable their students and teachers to use technology in the classroom.

Our Approach to Closing the Connectivity Gap

Thousands of school districts have taken advantage of the free support we provided as part of our promise to upgrade the Internet access in every public school in America. Our approach was simple:

Get Wi-fi in
Every Classroom

Ensure Scalable Infrastructure
for Every School

Make Broadband
More Affordable

EducationSuperHighway was a really trustworthy partner from the beginning. Felt like I had an ally in a sea of vendors, especially around a topic I don’t understand.

Randy Haggard, Superintendent, California