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How our  ACP Contact Center Supports Enrollment

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The ACP is a lifeline for many, but its positive impacts can be limited for millions if enrollment barriers persist. At EducationSuperHighway, our Contact Center plays a vital role in addressing these obstacles.

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In today’s digital age, access to the internet is more critical than ever. It’s not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for education, job opportunities, and overall well-being. 51.6  million U.S. households are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), but millions have yet to apply. The EducationSuperHighway Contact Center plays a pivotal role in removing obstacles from the application process for hundreds of eligible households each month, ensuring they can reap the benefits of a connected world.

The Role of the Contact Center

EducationSuperHighway’s Contact Center provides direct support to individuals applying to the Affordable Connectivity Program.  The team can be reached via our ACP benefit information page or by clicking the ‘Live Chat’ button in our enrollment assistance tool, Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Personalized
    Our team of five ACP enrollment specialists provides personalized assistance based on individual circumstances. This means that the enrollment process is tailored to every applicant’s specific needs and circumstances.

  • Knowledgeable
    Our team is 100% dedicated to helping households enroll in the ACP. This means our specialists are experts in the program and have been trained to explain program details and eligibility criteria, assist applicants with navigating documentation criteria, and ensure it is as easy as possible to understand and meet the program requirements.

  • Convenient
    Our team uses multiple channels for communication to provide support, including phone calls, emails, and online chat. Regardless of how you reach us, you’ll always connect with a real person who will help in the most convenient way.

  • Accessible
    We offer multilingual support, ensuring language barriers do not hinder enrollment. This inclusivity is essential in diverse communities where English may not be the primary language.

  • Application Tracking
    The Enrollment Specialists also help applicants track their enrollment progress, ensuring transparency and empowering them with relevant information about the status of their application.

How the Contact Center Addresses Enrollment Barriers

Millions of ACP-eligible households aren’t taking advantage of up to $360 per year in federal broadband benefits. Closing the broadband affordability gap is now a national priority, so unconnected households must know about the ACP, enroll in the program, and sign up for affordable broadband plans. Leveraging the expertise of the contact center can help overcome enrollment barriers in the following ways:

  • Simplified Enrollment Process
    The Enrollment Specialists can guide applicants through the enrollment process step by step, ensuring they complete all the necessary forms and provide the required documentation.

  • Increased Awareness
    Enrollment Specialists actively promote the program and raise awareness about its benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. This outreach is crucial in reaching underserved communities.

  • Support for Vulnerable Populations
    EducationSuperHighway’s Enrollment Specialists are particularly effective in providing support to vulnerable populations, including those with disabilities and older adults, ensuring that they can access the application.

  • Real-Time Problem-Solving
    Enrollment Specialists can provide real-time solutions and guidance, which is just a message away in our application tool, GetACP, if individuals encounter issues or have questions during their enrollment process.

“The human connection of the Contact Center helps alleviate the barrier of trust within the community, helping applicants feel more comfortable going through the process.”

– Alejandra Alonso, Contact Center Manager

Human connection makes the difference.

The ACP is a lifeline for many, but its positive impacts can be limited for millions if enrollment barriers persist. At EducationSuperHighway, our contact center plays a vital role in removing these obstacles, making the program accessible to a broader audience. As we work to bridge the digital divide, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the invaluable support provided by the contact center in moving us closer to a more inclusive and digitally connected society.

Learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program and how we can help here.

Written by Maribel Sandoval, Contact Center Specialist.

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