GeoTel Logo and EducationSuperHighway logos with a graphic of a school with fiber

Closing the Connectivity Gap with GeoTel

Earlier this month, EducationSuperHighway announced a partnership with the top telecommunications infrastructure data and Internet-based spatial technologies provider, GeoTel. Reliable data is a cornerstone of our success at EducationSuperHighway, and their datasets will provide important insights to help us bring high-speed Internet access to the remaining 1,350 schools without a fiber-optic connection.

One of the ways we’re able to make progress is by using GeoTel’s maps to understand what fiber options are available to schools. For example, GeoTel maps can show us when fiber is available at or near a school. That information tells us if the district is either already on fiber or, if they aren’t yet, that they have what they need to get bids if they put out a Form 470. Putting out an RFP is essential for districts to get competitive fiber options under the E-rate program, and districts are more likely to do it if they know they will get bids.

We’re excited to access these powerful insights and to work together to close the connectivity gap for the more than 2.3 million students across the nation who still lack access to the minimum connectivity required for digital learning.

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