Three Actions That Helped Darby School District Go Digital

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Last May, EducationSuperHighway partnered with Darby School District to connect all students to high-speed broadband so they can take advantage of digital learning in school year 2017.
We are happy to share that Darby students are now connected to digitally-rich classrooms. Students, teachers, and staff have 33 times the amount of bandwidth than before — that means students are using educational applications to enhance their learning, teachers are assessing and responding to student needs in real-time, and staff are communicating and efficiently managing the district better than ever before.

Image courtesy of Darby School District

Thinking about upgrading your school district’s network? Check out the three steps that led to Darby’s success:

  1. Calculated their bandwidth requirements.

    Keeping digital learning goals in mind, Darby completed a cost analysis for all bids through the Broadband Upgrade Consulting Program.

  2. Leveraged E-rate modernization.

    This allowed them to pay for the non-recurring costs of the upgrade over a four-year period.

  3. Partnered with their service provider.

    By working with their service provider throughout the building and permit process, Darby ensured the students and community remained the cornerstone of the upgrade.

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