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How We Collaborate with Service Providers

How EducationSuperHighway and Service Providers Collaborate
As our team works with school districts across the country, we often address questions about whether we provide Internet to schools. Our answer is simple: No – we are not a service provider.

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However, we know that service providers are critical partners in closing the connectivity gap and collaborate with them to upgrade the broadband connectivity of America’s K-12 public schools.

Graphic of how ESH and Service Providers collaborate together

Our organization does not provide Internet services, connections, or related services. We never have and we never will. That means we do not bid on E-rate applications and do not have a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).

Our Collaboration

Since service providers are responsible for bidding on upgrades, our goal is to make it easy for them to find and bid on qualified leads. We help service providers:

  • Identify school districts in need of a network upgrade to the minimum recommended connectivity goal of 100 kbps per student.
  • Research prospects and find potential customers with contracts expiring using powerful E-rate data.
  • Find qualified leads and links to filed FCC Form 470’s using our free school broadband tool, Compare & Connect K-12.

Thanks to open E-rate data from Form 471s, we are able to share announcements, tools, and webinars with providers across the country.

Tools Available To Help Providers Upgrade School Districts

  • Compare & Connect K-12: Our one-stop-shop for service providers to analyze the school connectivity landscape and find real, vetted leads. Powerful filters sort districts and allow providers to see districts that have contracts expiring and those that have not yet filed an RFP.
  • Bi-weekly emails with qualified leads: Once school districts release their 470s, we share their Form 470s and RFPs with providers in their state. Service providers can sign up to receive the latest Form 470s and RFPs in their service area on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Webinars: Featuring our free tools, resources, tips and best practices, our webinars help service providers and school districts navigate the E-rate cycle.

Looking Ahead

Our team is dedicated to working with service providers to upgrade school networks so that students have the internet needed to take advantage of digital learning in every classroom, every day.

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