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From personalized curriculum to virtual reality, digital learning is changing the education landscape. The following stories of digital learning in the news highlight some of the exciting ways teachers and students are using technology to succeed at school and beyond.

Teaching With NYT Virtual Reality Across Subjects

The New York Times
Travis Feldler, founder of TechRow Fund, a nonprofit organization that explores how to leverage immersive technology inside schools to improve learning outcomes, introduces four NYT VR experiences that TechRow Fund has used with students in New York City schools. He also suggests tips for getting started with VR journalism in your classroom.

How One Middle School is Closing the Technology Achievement Gap

An interview with Mashea Ashton, who founded Washington, D.C.’s first computer science middle school last year, about helping to bridge the technology achievement gap in a historically black community. Ashton previously worked with Senator Cory Booker to create more educational options in Newark, N.J. She shares how innovative educators can help solve the racial achievement gap.

Middle School’s Shop Classes Stress Technology, Creativity, Persistence

Luther Jackson Middle School classes revolve around project-based learning to engage students and foster critical thinking and problem solving skills. Recent projects have included building a solar-powered telephone charger, a photo-display box illuminated by light-emitting-diode bulbs, a speaker for a Bluetooth device, and racing robots. Students are graded not just on the success of their projects, but on whether they took risks and failed.

Teacher at Compton’s Dominguez High School Uses His Unique Story To Get Students Talking About Trauma and Creating Solutions to Battle PTSD

Los Angeles Sentinel
Vincent McLeod, a teacher at Compton’s Dominguez High School, uses STEM education to help with students with PTSD and mental health. Student projects have included phone applications, gadgets, and more, all of which serve to encourage students to find healthy ways to process. Students also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors, giving them valuable entrepreneurship experience.

Students present work in STEM subjects at Digital Learning Fair

MLT News
Edmonds School District put a spotlight on ways that technology and digital learning are showing up in their classrooms at their second annual Digital Learning Fair. K-12 students presented classroom work, including robotics, coding, student video production, 3D printing, engineering, and more.

HS Girls Share Coding Skills with Middle Schoolers at STEM Event

News 12 New Jersey
A group of high schoolers in New Jersey put on an event to share their love of STEM with younger girls. The event was paid for with a grant the older girls won at a competition, which they chose to put to use by helping other girls.

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