California Governor Jerry Brown Announces Partnership with EducationSuperHighway

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On November 3, 2017, California’s Governor Jerry Brown announced the California Broadband for Education Initiative, a collaboration between, the California Department of Education, the K-12 High Speed Network, and EducationSuperHighway. The Governor’s announcement echoes his earlier sentiment from our State of the States Report, where he noted that “connecting the classrooms of America to high-speed broadband throws open the doors to the world and enriches our children’s education in so many wonderful ways.”
We couldn’t be more thrilled to affirm our mutual goal of making high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi accessible and affordable for all K-12 public schools across our home state of California. As part of this Initiative, our goal is to provide free technical assistance, tools, and resources to ensure that every school in the state has access to the bandwidth needed to take advantage of digital learning.
Through this initiative, some of the key actions we’ll be taking to assist districts include:

  • Support with planning broadband and internal network upgrades
  • Research and outreach for technology and provider options
  • Best practices for Request for Proposals (RFP) strategy
  • Assist with evaluating bids to help select the best solution

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