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Advocating for ACP Renewal: Three Ways to Take Action

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Since its establishment, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has connected over 21 million households to affordable internet. This has opened the door to more economic, educational, and social opportunities in communities across the country.

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As advocates, we know what a tremendous impact the ACP is having on our communities – and we also know just how much is on the line if the ACP ends. Right now, the ACP is projected to run out of funds in early 2024. The good news is that the ACP has broad bipartisan support, including in Congress. EducationSuperHighway and our partners across the broadband space have been busy advocating for ACP renewal, and we are starting to see positive progress. 

We can only do this with your support. Individual voices are critical to this movement. Lawmakers must hear from constituents and local organizations about the positive impact the ACP is having at home. Want to help? Here are three simple ways to advocate for ACP renewal: 

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Step One:
Share Your Story

Our most powerful tools for ACP advocacy are personal stories about the impact of the ACP. Whether it is helping your child or dependent access school resources, enabling you to complete online training or find a new job, keeping you connected to family and friends, or allowing you to connect to the internet for the first time – every story helps. Lawmakers need to hear about the everyday impact the ACP is having, and real-life success stories underscore just how important the program is – and what is at risk if it isn’t renewed. The quickest and easiest way to participate in ACP advocacy is by sharing your story through the EducationSuperHighway story collection form

Step Two:
Post (Often!) On Social Media

Many of us spend more hours on social media than we’d like. Fortunately, so do lawmakers and their staff – which we can harness to support ACP renewal. Lawmakers have staffers who monitor their social media accounts by checking direct messages and any tags. If you tag your representatives in a social media post, someone from their office is almost certain to see it and report on what they’re seeing. Our Advocacy Social Media Toolkit contains sample posts and graphics that you can copy and paste or edit to make your own. Remember to always tag your representative and senators. It is critical that they see constituents talking about ACP online and engaging them through tags to urge renewal. Posting is not necessarily a one-and-done deal; make sure to post about ACP and tag lawmakers often. The more they see it, the more ACP is on their mind. 

Step Three:
Leave a Message for your Representative and Senators

Calling your representatives and senators may seem a bit old school – but it’s still a very effective way to advocate. Just as they monitor social media, lawmakers have staff in their offices who monitor the phones and voicemail. Again, the goal is to show them that their constituents care about ACP. The best way to do this is by ensuring they are hearing about it often. You don’t need a long speech or anything formal prepared; the most important thing is to identify yourself as a constituent and ask the lawmaker to support ACP renewal. It is really that simple.

Don’t know who your lawmakers are or how to contact them?
Use the Find My Legislators Tool to help you out!

Looking for additional advocacy resources?

Check out the Advocacy section of our PromoteACP: Resource Hub.

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