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5 easy ways to promote the Affordable Connectivity Program in your community

More than two-thirds of households eligible for a $30 monthly discount for high-speed home internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) have yet to enroll. Help spread the word about this valuable benefit with these easy-to-implement strategies, tools, and resources.

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1. Share on your social accounts.

Tell your social media followers about the Affordable Connectivity Program. Many haven’t heard of the ACP or know what they need to do to enroll. Use your social media accounts to explain what the benefit provides and how to qualify. We recommend linking to where individuals can answer a few questions to quickly determine if they qualify, what documents they’ll need to apply, and what affordable plans are available in their area.

Cover Image for Community Partner Social Media ToolkitCheck out EducationSuperHighway’s free Social Media Toolkit for graphics and captions you can directly copy/paste to your social accounts or edit to make your own.

2. Add ACP information to your website.

Lack of trust in government programs and free services is a common barrier that keeps eligible households from signing up for the ACP. As a trusted community partner, your online presence can be a valuable resource for sharing information and promoting the ACP benefit.

Web Banners ThumbnailAdd a web banner and/or page about the ACP to your website.

3. Tell the media.

Local media coverage can help to amplify your efforts to promote the ACP. Consider what news stations  your community members watch, read or listen to. Find trusted media partners, then share information about ACP and the pre-enrollment tool with them. Bonus points if the content is easy for your contacts to quickly share on their own platforms.

Charlotte, NC, Mayor Vi Lyles speaks to the press about the city’s campaign to promote the Affordable Connectivity Program.
Talking Bubbles IconGet started with talking points about the Affordable Connectivity Program.

4. Loop in local partners.

Community members who don’t have high-speed home broadband, often access the internet at a local library or a community center. These local institutions are critical partners for reaching individuals who have a need for internet access but struggle to afford the cost of connecting at home. By equipping partners, such as schools, libraries, and housing associations, with materials that can be incorporated into their current community-based activities and events, we can spread the word about this valuable benefit.

ACP Materials on a computer workstation at Baltimore County Public Library
To promote ACP adoption in their community, for example, the Baltimore County Public Library began handing out postcards and information on how to access help from a representative to sign up for the ACP with every hotspot or laptop checkout.

Federal public housing residents are automatically eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Public housing partners can share ACP information with materials like door hangers, signs posted in elevators, and flyers that can be placed in common areas.

Event Support Postcard - ThumbnailExplore, download and customize free postcards, flyers, and handouts about the ACP benefit, the GetACP pre-enrollment tool, and internet speeds guidance.

Before planning your own, get started by tabling at an existing popular event in your community to promote the ACP. Consider events that might be popular with ACP-eligible community members in your area, such as local fairs, back-to-school events, and free holiday celebrations.

Leaders from Central Falls, Rhode Island partnered with an existing back-to-school event where a local non-profit gave out free backpacks. The city was able to include flyers with the giveaways.

Wanda Casiano, Director of the Office of Constituent Services and Health for the city of Central Falls, tabling at a back-to-school event.
Sidewalk Sign ThumbnailDownload door hangers, handouts, pop-up banners, and sidewalk signs to promote your event and share information with attendees.

Discover more channels and strategies to increase ACP adoption in your community, or get in touch.

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