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Inside Philanthropy

Who’s backing a campaign to bring the internet to millions of U.S. households that still lack access

November 22, 2021


Evan Marwell Helps Close Down The Digital Divide for The 18 Million Households That Have Access to The Internet But Can’t Afford to Connect

November 20, 2021

Scripps National News

Closing the Broadband Affordability Gap

November 17, 2021

The Hechinger Report

The affordability gap is the biggest part of the digital divide

November 11, 2021


How the infrastructure bill’s $65 billion in broadband spending will be doled out

November 8, 2021


Infrastructure bill includes billions for broadband

November 8, 2021


Telemundo 48

Oakland brindará acceso de internet gratis a familias de bajos recursos

November 8, 2021


EducationSuperHighway relaunches to address 18 million US households unable to afford internet

November 5, 2021

SF Gate

Oakland Chosen First For Pilot To Close America's Digital Divide

November 5, 2021


New digital divide fix: Free apartment-house Wi-Fi

November 4, 2021


Morning Tech

November 4, 2021


This Nonprofit Was Ready to Sunset. Now It’s Back — With a New Mission for Student Internet Access

November 4, 2021

The 74 Million

‘Not a Pipe Dream’: New Report Offers Roadmap to Eliminate Internet Affordability Gap for Students

November 4, 2021

Education Week

The Number One Reason Students Still Lack Internet at Home: Parents Can’t Afford It

November 4, 2021


Millions of students can’t afford broadband

Apr 29, 2021


IGTV: Digitally Divided with Karlie Kloss

Apr 23, 2021


CNN New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez – Evan Marwell

Apr 12, 2021

The 74 Million

First Phase of Biden Infrastructure Plan to Include Billions for Schools, Child Care Centers and Broadband

Apr 05, 2021

The 74 Million & The Guardian

12 Months After Pandemic Closed Schools, 12 Million Students Still Lack Reliable Internet

Mar 15, 2021

AP News

‘Big burden’ for schools trying to give kids internet access

Mar 14, 2021


How to help slash your community’s digital divide in education

Mar 12, 2021

Houston Chronicle

Texas’ big plan for closing the digital divide: at-home broadband internet for every student

Mar 11, 2021

Education Week

Millions of Students Got Free Home Internet for Remote Learning. How Long Will It Last?

Mar 10, 2021


What is the digital divide?

Mar 09, 2021


To Connect More Young Students, NYC Upgrades Internet Access At 50 NYCHA Centers

Mar 04, 2021

K-12 Dive

Study: Increased Internet Access Improves Achievement, District Finances

Feb 18, 2021

Morning Consult

This Education Nonprofit Was Set to Shutter After Hitting Its Connectivity Goal for Schools. COVID-19 Created a New Mission

Feb 17, 2021


Digital Divide Lurks Behind School Reopening Plans

Feb 08, 2021

USA Today

A year into the pandemic, thousands of students still can’t get reliable WiFi for school. The digital divide remains worse than ever.

Feb 04, 2021

State of the Net Conference 2021

How COVID 19 Has Impacted Communities of Color, Tribal Communities & Students Nationwide

Feb 01, 2021

The Broadband Bunch

“This could be the solution to solving the digital divide in America.”

Jan 05, 2021


More than 9 million students falling behind from lack of internet connectivity

May 08, 2020


The Hechinger Report

Nearly all American classrooms can now connect to high-speed internet, effectively closing the “connectivity divide”

Oct 23, 2019


Tech Republic

Classroom connectivity gap closes

Oct 23, 2019


Education Week

Digital Access: An Education Technology Success Story?

Oct 22, 2019



Group Declares Classroom Digital Divide Closed

Oct 22, 2019



The Classroom Connectivity Gap Is Closed. How Did That Happen?

Oct 22, 2019


Impacting Our Future

To Prepare Students for Tomorrow, Their Classrooms Need Wi-Fi Today

Oct 07, 2019


Valley Journal

Bullock welcomes MT students, educators back to school

Sep 04, 2019


Daily Inter Lake

Governor Bullock Talks Tech at West Valley School

Aug 30, 2019



Arkansas becomes nationwide leader in connecting schools to internet

Aug 30, 2019


KAUR Public Radio

Gov. Asa Hutchinson Sets Broadband Access As High Priority

Aug 29, 2019

EducationSuperHighway Connects Millions Of U.S. School Children To The Internet

Jul 11, 2019


Education & Career News

How Access to High-Speed Internet Levels the Playing Field for Public Schools

Jun 28, 2019


EdTech Magazine

K–12 Leaders Get Creative to Make the Case for Network Upgrades

Jun 21, 2019


Successful Nonprofits

The Government Does the Talking, Your Nonprofit Does the Walking, and Other Lessons from Evan Marwell, Founder of EducationSuperHighway

Jun 15, 2019



Broadband Deployment Report: Digital Divide Narrowing Substantially

May 29, 2019


Harvard Business School Alumni Magazine

Broken Link: Evan Marwell’s fight to bring American schools up to speed

May 28, 2019


NextGen Personal Finance

NGPF Podcast: Evan Marwell of EducationSuperHighway on the challenge to bring high-speed broadband to all schools

May 17, 2019


Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Missouri Schools Improve High-Speed Internet Access Through Connect & Learn Initiative

May 16, 2019



‘Mission Accomplished’ on K-12 Internet Connectivity: A Conversation With Evan Marwell

May 15, 2019


School Administrator Magazine

Maximizing Your E-rate Dollars

May 08, 2019


Fast Company

World Changing Ideas 2019: All the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions

Apr 08, 2019



#FactFriday: 44.7M Students Have High-Speed Internet Access

Apr 05, 2019



Mission (Almost) Accomplished: Nonprofit EducationSuperHighway Prepares to Sunset

Apr 04, 2019


The Sacramento Bee

California kids need $17 million to close digital divide, Newsom can make that happen

Feb 21, 2019


EdTech Focus on K-12

Progress Made on K–12 Connectivity, But Work Remains

Feb 12, 2019


The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Lessons for Charity Leaders From EducationSuperHighway

Feb 12, 2019



Alaska Schools Get Faster Internet—Partly Thanks to Global Warming

Jan 28, 2019


Funds for Learning

Pace of C2 Bids Remains High

Jan 11, 2019

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