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Governor Mead Announces Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative

Wyoming Broadband Summit

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Last week at the Wyoming Broadband Summit in Cheyenne, Governor Matt Mead announced the Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative, aimed at helping to improve Wi-Fi access in K-12 classrooms across the state. The Initiative is a joint effort between the Office of the Governor, the Department of Education, the Department of Enterprise Technology Services, and EducationSuperHighway.

We are thrilled to be partnered with the state of Wyoming and are ready to help ensure that every school across the state has a robust local area network that can support digital learning in all classrooms. Wyoming ranks first in the nation in classroom broadband connectivity, with 100% of school districts meeting the Federal Communications Commission’s 100 kbps per student bandwidth goal for digital learning. Now it is time to finish the job and ensure that high-speed connectivity reaches every learning device.

“We are proud of the progress that we’ve made in bringing high-speed Internet to students and teachers across Wyoming,” Mead said. “Because of our efforts, Wyoming leads the nation in classroom broadband connectivity with nearly all districts connected to our lightning-fast statewide network. We must continue to build on this success, and that’s what the Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative is focused on doing. Improving Wi-Fi connections in our schools will improve the digital learning experience for Wyoming students, and ensure that they can access the educational tools they need, from any device.”

Our work in Wyoming is already well under way. It started first with a statewide survey to understand schools’ specific Wi-Fi needs and just last week our network consultants traveled across the state to deliver workshops that provided school leaders and technology directors with tools and resources for ensuring robust classroom Wi-Fi.
Learn more about our state-level tools and services for accelerating network upgrades, and get in touch with us to launch a similar project in your state.

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