E-rate consultant working with a client

EducationSuperHighway and E-rate Consultants: How We Collaborate

In our work with state and school district leaders, one of the questions that comes up most frequently is whether we are E-rate consultants. Since E-rate is the primary funding source for broadband Internet for schools nationwide, our mission to connect all of America’s classrooms is intertwined with the program in many ways. However, while we collaborate with E-rate consultants frequently, we actually support school districts in different ways.

Here’s some further context to how we interface with E-rate consultants and the differences in our functionality.

Support Type EducationSuperHighway E-rate Consultants
Filing E-rate Forms No
We do not have a Consultant Registration Number and therefore do not file E-rate forms or interact directly with USAC on behalf of individual schools.
The primary role of E-rate consultants is to help schools and districts identify and complete USAC forms for Internet access discounts.
Participating in E-rate application reviews, audits, and appeals No
While we do provide guidance about E-rate filing strategies through our website, webinars, and other avenues, we do not directly assist districts with the application process, reviews, or audits.
The majority of E-rate consultants help their clients with the full application process, including direct support for reviews and appeals.
Providing technology consulting and project development support Yes
We offer many self-help materials on these topics through our website. We also offer direct technology and network advice to schools that need assistance.
Some E-rate consultants offer these services, but not all. EducationSuperHighway can help you coordinate with your E-rate consultant for ongoing technology support should you need it.
Providing training on E-rate- eligible services and technology implementation Yes
We offer webinars and in-person presentations on these topics to help districts prepare for current and future bandwidth needs.
These services are sometimes offered by E-rate Consultants, and often offered by State E-rate Coordinators, as well.
Charges a fee No
Our services are always free of charge. As a bipartisan non-profit, we are funded by national philanthropic organizations that support our mission to bring high-speed Internet to every public school classroom in America.
While some E-rate consultants work for non-profits or are employees of state agencies, most charge a fee for their services.

While We Are Not E-rate Consultants, We’re Happy To Help You Work with Yours

The work that E-rate consultants do both in terms of administrative assistance and ongoing support is crucial to school districts’ ability to procure affordable broadband. Our role is to make sure that your technology needs as a district are being met by the bandwidth you have and, if they aren’t, to support you in navigating the upgrade process with your consultant.

Learn more about how EducationSuperHighway can help facilitate your district’s E-rate process here.