Students focusing on their laptops in class

    Parents gain insight into classroom time

    Teachers in Arkansas' Little Rock School District can now share photos of class projects and activities to their private Class Story page on ClassDojo. By showing parents what their children are working on, the technology is helping to increase engagement and support for the learning process.
    A teacher helping a student on a laptop

    Teacher excels with personalized learning

    For a recent lesson on prepositions at Gaston County Schools in North Carolina, a teacher gathered a digital collection of content-specific videos, games, and examples on the Blendspace platform. Students were able to pick and choose their preferred method to learn the same concept, and overall classwide proficiency increased by 20 points through just one personalized lesson.
    A teacher with students coming into class

    Graduation rates improve with online courses

    For Washington's Spokane Public Schools, the graduation rates increased to 83% by using technology to help struggling students. The Individual Credit Advancement Now online course-recovery program helps middle and high school students to meet graduation goals. The On Track Academy uses blended learning to help students receive their degree.
    Teacher helping students in class

    Flipping the classroom in Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts' Easthampton Public Schools, the high school chemistry students participate in a flipped classroom where the teacher records video lessons which students can view at home and use in class the next day. This allows students to focus their time in class to work on hands-on lab experiments and group research projects.
    A student with a pencil and a laptop

    Rural district improves declining math scores

    To combat declining math scores, Alaska's Kodiak Island Borough School District set up a distance-learning program using videoconferencing technology. The initiative allows schools to expand their curriculum and connects isolated students to a larger community. Participating students have outperformed their counterparts by 22%.
    Students in front of a colorful mural

    Ohio school uses digital devices for real world experience

    In Ohio, Reynolds City Schools high school is using digital devices, 3-D printers and laser cutters to enable students to combine education with real world experience. By leveraging technology, one student was able to set up a business providing logos to local businesses, making her learning come alive.
    Teacher helping students using laptops

    Parent engagement grows through new mobile app

    The McAllen Independent School District in Texas uses digital tools to increase parent engagement. After handing out mobile devices to all students and teachers, they created digital folders where parents can access important information and a cloud-based application to deliver progress reports, report cards and permission slips.
    Two students using a laptop

    Rural district uses tech for collaboration

    Converse County School District #1 is a rural Wyoming school district determined to equip its students with 21st century skills. Classes use FaceTime to collaborate on projects with other schools and enrich their learning experience. They also practice reading and writing music by composing their own songs on the Garage Band app.
    Laptop charging dock

    Hands-on learning opportunities through STEMmobile

    Tennessee STEM Innovation Network’s STEMmobile takes the promise of digital learning on the road. The traveling tractor-trailer relies on high-speed broadband and is equipped with iPads, laptops, and other standard STEM tools. It visits 21 rural districts with 7,000 students, providing hands-on learning opportunities that promote problem-solving skills.
    A teacher helping a student on a laptop

    Real-time feedback improves spelling lessons

    Spelling practice has received a technology makeover in the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District in Iowa. Students now use their iPads to work on spelling assignments and can scan a QR code to learn the correct spelling. The real-time feedback allows them to revise their work or receive a grade.
    Close up of a student using a laptop

    Virtual lessons make licensed teachers accessible

    Unable to hire a teacher to lead a keyboarding class, students at Dacusville Middle School in the South Carolina's Pickens County School District were able to gain access to a virtual keyboarding class taught by a licensed virtual teacher via Double Robot. The remote teacher is able to "roam" the classroom and interact with students using a remote controlled tablet set on a moveable base.
    Close up of a a student doing math on a tablet

    Tech provides opportunity for struggling student

    Estacada School District near Portland, Oregon is using technology to help mainstream students in special education programs. A third grader who was struggling with writing uses an iPad to record and transcribe his stories into written text. This allows him to more easily edit his work and turn in a finished product.
    Students using laptops and listening to earphones

    Personalize learning in New Mexico

    In New Mexico, Clovis Municipal School District can attribute a measurable increase in reading and math proficiency to the digital curriculum offered by Pearson's SuccessMaker. The virtual program adapts to individual student needs, using multimedia to create engaging courses in core subjects.
    Snow-day virtual lessons

    Snow-day virtual lessons

    Kentucky’s Owsley County Schools’ students miss close to a month of school each year due to snow and ice. However, the district now uses a digital learning management system that assigns students virtual snow day lessons. High school students go beyond standard classwork and use virtual winter work days to work on short-term credits for courses not typically offered at the school, such as genealogy and abnormal psychology.
    Computer programing for future workforce

    Collaborative, personalized learning

    Carson City School District in Nevada implemented a learning management system that gathers students’ demonstration of proficiency in real-time. Teachers are able to immediately assess student knowledge and work in collaborative teams to build shared knowledge regarding best curriculum practices for different learning styles.
    Peer-to-peer learning

    Peer-to-peer learning

    Keaau Elementary School students visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park wearing Google Glass and toting laptops equipped with Wi-Fi. Students broadcast this virtual field trip to peers at neighboring schools, along with the University Lab School and Peterson Schools in Mexico City which is teaching Hawaiian as a third language.