School district network upgrade successes

We can't thank you enough for making time in your schedule to visit us. Our tech team is incredibly excited and hopeful about the work you are all doing on our behalf."
Karen Goodwin, Superintendent
Fishers Island School, New York
We are so grateful for all your help with the RFP. Getting fiber to our district is a bigger project than we have ever taken on, but you made it seem easy!"
John Wehrman, Technology Director
Cayuse Prairie SD, Montana
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Fiber Upgrade

Random Lake School District, Wisconsin
Using the information found on Compare & Connect K-12, Casey Stark, IT Director for Random Lake School District in Wisconsin, was able to negotiate with a potential service provider to reduce the proposed broadband cost to be more in line with nearby districts. Next year, the school district will receive a 1 Gbps fiber connection—over 3x more bandwidth—for less than the current monthly cost of their wireless service.
You are the guys that created the School Wi-Fi Buyer's Guide that I have been linking people to when they have Wi-Fi questions. That guide is top notch."
Mitch Boston, Technology Director
Athens CUSD, Illinois
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Lubbock ISD’s project has driven me to become a cheerleader for EducationSuperHighway!"
Terry Driscoll, Technical Director
Lubbock ISD, Texas

Bandwidth Upgrade

Appomattox County Schools, Virginia
Brette Arbogast, Technology Director  for Appomattox County Schools in Virginia used Compare & Connect K-12 to view price comparisons which allowed him to negotiate an upgrade of 4x more bandwidth at zero additional cost.
The stars have aligned to solve this problem. We have waited a lifetime for this and need to take advantage of this opportunity as they probably will never align again."
K-12 Broadband and Digital Learning Policy Academy Attendee, Oregon
In the beginning, we thought that this was too good to be true. What ESH is doing—at no cost and while being so helpful—is so hard to believe.”
Darla Meeuwsen, Superintendent
Sauvie Island Academy, Oregon

Bandwidth Increase

Hudson School District, New Hampshire
After reviewing information on Compare & Connect K-12, Kyle Hancock, Tech Director for Hudson School District in New Hampshire, reached out to fellow tech directors to discuss their broadband services and found that Hudson was not in a competitive position. Using this knowledge, he renegotiated and on his recent E-rate Form 470 bids, received 10x more bandwidth for $200 less per month. Students at Hudson School District will now be able to utilize 1 Gbps / student of bandwidth speed.
I applaud the work that you're doing in Montana - it's good for all of us. It's certainly making us sharpen our pencils and try to do better on pricing."
Mike Sheard, Northern Telephone Cooperative
I’m not sure we would have the ability to do this so easily without your data. It was an eye opener."
Tom Hering, Director of IT
Great Falls Public Schools, Montana

Bandwidth Increase & Fiber Upgrade

Evergreen Elementary School District
Evergreen Elementary school district’s two schools and 750 students are located in rural Montana. Previously, the district was on a 50 Mbps Microwave service for Internet Access. With the support of EducationSuperHighway district consulting services and by leveraging data on Compare & Connect K-12, Technology Director Glenn Wehe was able to secure a significant upgrade. Mr. Wehe negotiated with his provider, who was initially hesitant to invest in the local infrastructure, to pull fiber into the community. The district will now receive a 500 Mbps dedicated fiber internet connection at only 38% more cost.

Bandwidth Increase

Andover Town & Schools, Massachusetts
Paul Puzzanghera, Tech Director for Andover Town & Schools in Massachusetts often uses nearby school districts as benchmarks, especially for broadband services. By using the sorting features [on Compare & Connect K-12], he was able to quickly compare Andover's bandwidth per student to these key districts. He discovered that while Andover was doing well in terms of the negotiated contract price, the district was lagging behind in the bandwidth per student. Consequently, Mr. Puzzanghera made sure that the E-Rate bid for this year includes a request to double the bandwidth to bring it in line with neighboring and comparable school districts.
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The wealth of information contained in your [Fiber Toolkit] site is well organized, current and relevant. Which is often rare when trying to research project in the IT world. It has helped me greatly thus far demystifying the daunting task of a fiber build project. It turned an “I think I can” task into an “I know I can” task! Two thumbs up! We hope in twelve months to write back with a success story about how we turn technology around in one of Florida’s poorest, lowest performing school district.”

Jeff Wood, IT Department
DeSoto Public Schools, Florida

Woohoo, Our RFP bid opening occurred this afternoon. Just starting to dig into the comparison. We had interesting results! Prices do look much better then we have seen in the past. We ended up with three different vendors responses. Thank you for all your help.”

Jeff Wood, IT Department
DeSoto Public Schools, Florida