State Action Assessment

Ensure equitable broadband access and narrow the K-12 connectivity gap.

Our State Action Assessment provides state officials with a roadmap to improve school connectivity. Over the course of 10 weeks, we partner with state executives to assist in setting goals, share lessons from leading states, identify opportunities to upgrade school broadband, and assess the state’s capabilities to implement a school connectivity program.

We can help you create a roadmap

icon-1-action-assessmentI. Set Goals

We support state leadership to set K-12 broadband goals that address the digital learning needs of their students.


II. Build working groups

We help the state assemble a cross-agency group to evaluate the state’s broadband landscape and determine viable K-12 connectivity programs.


III. Inventory assets and liabilities

We research key factors in the state that support or inhibit current and future broadband initiatives. We then validate what we have learned with the cross-agency working group.


IV. Perform gap analysis

We use the inventory to identify where additional resources may be needed in order to implement potential solutions.


V. Choose actions

We assist the working group in selecting viable actions that the state can take and we recommend immediate next steps to get started.

Launch an assessment in your state

The State Action Assessment helps states set clear connectivity goals and leverage their existing assets to significantly narrow the K-12 connectivity gap.

Find out how the State Action Assessment can increase broadband in your state.


Download the State Action Assessment Overview

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