Training Videos

Our short training videos provide helpful tips and resources to successfully guide you through the E-rate cycle with ease. Explore all our videos below.

Compare & Connect K12: A free school broadband comparison tool

Compare & Connect K-12 uses publicly available E-rate data to help America’s school districts get more bandwidth for their budgets. The tool helps school leaders see what they are paying for Internet services compared to similar districts and connects them to free support that helps them plan, negotiate, and implement a network upgrade.

Tips for preparing your E‑rate Form 471

As the primary document in the E-rate application process, the Form 471 provides applicants the opportunity to request discounts on eligible services and equipment. If you are ready to file, here are tips to help you successfully navigate the process and avoid common pitfalls.

5 questions you should ask when choosing an E‑rate Consultant

Over 250 E-rate Consultants are registered with the E-rate program who can help you find upgrade options that meet your size and budget, while maximizing your chances of E-rate funding success. Here are five questions we think you should ask a prospective E-rate Consultant.

3 things school districts should know about managed wi‑fi

A wireless solution is often one of the most complex purchases a school district must make. Whether you want to explore your options or would like a trusted partner to help you put your available funding to use, EducationSuperHighway is here to help.

What services are eligible for E‑rate Category 2 support?

Are you a technology leader for your school district? Are you filing a Form 470 this E-rate cycle and curious what is eligible for Category 2 services? To help you optimize your internal upgrades, here are four questions we get asked most often about the equipment and services eligible for Category 2 support.