JAM Product

Five years ago, an unprecedented coalition united behind a simple, but important, goal: to improve broadband in America’s K-12 classrooms. As EducationSuperHighway approaches the completion of its mission in 2020, we are working to sustain the momentum created to ensure technology can be fully integrated into teaching and learning throughout our schools.

The Product

Every day we see how strong leadership and actionable data helps students get the high-speed connectivity they need to access digital learning opportunities. Our aim is to partner with an organization (or multiple organizations) to equip state leaders with the information necessary to continue to drive K-12 broadband upgrades in their states and ensure districts meet the 1 Mbps per student bandwidth goal.

EducationSuperHighway is developing a software product (going by code name of JAM) that leverages public data to surface essential information on K-12 broadband access and E-rate usage at the national, state, and district level.

The product supports users to:

  • Identify and reach out to school districts in need of an upgrade.
  • Assist school districts to procure Internet services at fair prices.
  • Keep the FCC and USAC accountable for E-rate effectiveness and funding application approvals.
  • Track statewide K-12 bandwidth growth and achievement of the 1 Mbps goal.
  • Ensure school districts file for E-rate and use Category 2 funds within the eligible time frame.



EducationSuperHighway JAM Product Details

View the webinar or download deck for more information:

Partner Assessment Process

January – February

  • Organizations express interest
  • Host webinar

February 20 – April 1

  • RFI posted Feb 20
  • EducationSuperHighway responds to questions
  • Organizations submit executive summary and 3-5 concept paper


  • EducationSuperHighway notifies applicants advancing to Phase 2
  • EducationSuperHighway responds to questions
  • Organizations submit detailed proposal with budget, strategic plan and references


  • EducationSuperHighway makes final partner decision and selection
  • Negotiate details and logistics



Answers to questions submitted by the deadline of March 19, 2019 will be posted here and updated through March 22, 2019.

Who owns this initiative? How is it funded?
EducationSuperHighway currently owns and drives the vision, product, and process to identify a partner. We are also securing funding to help support the work beyond 2020.
What is EducationSuperHighway's involvement in the project after the partner is selected, and after 2020?
EducationSuperHighway will play a hands-on role to select and onboard the partner from 2019-2020. The governance structure after 2020 is still being decided.
How long is the initiative expected to last?
Given that the primary focus of the initiative is to get school districts to 1 Mbps/student and the fact that 28% of school districts are already there, we anticipate that initiative will take 3-5 years for completion.
What is the budget?
We are not providing a budget estimate at this stage.
How do I engage in the version 1 of this product?
Most of the development work for version 1 will be complete by the time of partner selection. Once selected, the partner may able to make some updates prior to its release, and we anticipate heavier engagement on product input as we iterate after the V1 release.
Can we make changes to the product once we take it on?
Scope changes will be discussed as part of the contracting process. As a general rule of thumb, the product’s primary objectives and any “must-have” features should be supported. Product enhancements are possible as long as there is agreement and the partner takes on the additional costs.
Is this for public school districts only? Are charters, libraries, other entities included?
Details about the populations set will be provided at a later date.
How will this be branded?
We can discuss branding as part of the contracting process.
What partner attributes do you care most about?
We care most about the organization’s ability to lead the initiative and ensure that the product is well positioned and leveraged (e.g. channel development, program and project management, marketing, user engagement).
Will joint proposals be accepted?
If you believe partnering with another organization will strengthen your proposal, then yes! EducationSuperHighway will consider any combination of partners that will be suited to fulfill the goals for the product.
Do I need technical staff to apply?
No, not on hand. You can submit a proposal for a partial scope, and we can work together to get the right technical staff and resources on board in 2019-2020. All proposals must cover the program management aspect of this initiative.
Can you clarify ongoing maintenance of the product and what that would entail?
Ongoing maintenance of the product includes all of the functions outlined in partner responsibilities – program management, software development, data cleaning, and annual executive summary.
Will ESH be providing funding through 2025?
Funding will be provided on an annual basis, likely through 2025.
Can you clarify what oversight will exist after ESH sunsets?
EducationSuperHighway anticipates establishing an oversight structure that will be in place through 2025 to monitor progress of the project goals and award renewal grants each year.  The exact form of this oversight will be determined in conjunction with the organizations that provide the funding for this project.  Annual reporting will be required but ESH anticipates working with the partner selected to determine the scope of this reporting with the objective of limiting the amount of effort required for the partner to fulfill this requirement.
Do attachments and visual work samples count as part of the 5 page limit?
Attachments & samples will not count against the 5 page limit.
Asides from React or Ruby on Rails, what application development technologies, etc. are being used.
We use Javascript extensively, specifically React.  We use Python and SQL.
Are any current ESH employees or contracts expected to be maintained with the transfer of the project.
No ESH employees or contracts are expected to be maintained post sunset 2020.
Will assistance from current staff be available in transition for the programming needs and technical administrative roles?
Yes, we expect to start working with the chosen partner in June of 2019.
What level of technical support will be needed to support the backend functionality?
Please refer to partner responsibilities and software development explanations.  Also please refer to Attachment B: Capabilities checklist as a reference.
Can multiple proposed staff positions be included in the response?
Please feel free to include the roles you feel are necessary to answer the questions provided in Attachment A.  We are prioritizing program management as a critical component.
To what degree should we incorporate the prompts from the concept proposal template?
We ask that you answer each section as you see fit. Please draft your response and nest it under each section outlined.