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By making network upgrades possible, service providers play an integral role in delivering on America’s promise to connect our K-12 students.

In an effort to support network upgrades, we connect service providers to school districts so that both can take maximum advantage of the options and funding provided by E-rate to bring high-speed broadband to schools.

I applaud the work you are doing in Montana – it’s good for all of us. It’s certainly making us sharpen our pencils and try to do better on pricing.

Mike Sheard
Northern Tel Cooperative, Montana

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Explore And Bid On Upgrade Opportunities

Compare & Connect K-12 is our free school broadband tool that helps service providers identify school districts who require bandwidth, fiber, or Wi-Fi upgrades and links directly to filed FCC Form 470’s.

Drive Upgrades Using Our Data

We leverage publicly available data to make it easier for service providers to analyze the landscape of the school connectivity gap so you can identify areas where your company can help to close it.

Take Action

Together, we can increase broadband access for public schools so that all students have the opportunity to learn and succeed. We can help you:

  • Identify school districts in need of an upgrade to the minimum recommended connectivity goal of 100 kbps per student.
  • Research prospects and find potential customers with contracts expiring using powerful E-rate data.
  • Find qualified leads and links to filed FCC Form 470’s.

Connect with our team to learn how to get high-quality upgrade opportunities delivered straight to your inbox bi-weekly during the E-rate cycle.

EducationSuperHighway has been a great partner educating districts on their vendor choices, E-rate options, and navigating the procurement process. I would highly recommend their invaluable consultative approach to any state wanting to help their school districts get the latest technologies and maximize federal funds.

Rob Oyler, WANRack