Why does my school district’s data look different from what was submitted to USAC?

EducationSuperHighway’s team of data quality specialists called or emailed applicants, technology directors, E-rate consultants and state agency personnel to clarify data for districts that appeared to be inconsistent, and, upon the response, updated the data in our system with the provided clarifications. We also performed analysis on the original data that E-rate applicants entered and created common indicators when the answers supplied by applicants appeared to indicate an inconsistency.  In some cases, if applicants entered a description of what they were applying for in the Service Description field of Form 471, EducationSuperHighway staff was able to infer the service they were requesting and, in those cases, updated our data to reflect the applicant’s intentions.  If your school district data looks incorrect, please email eshsupport@educationsuperhighway.org to update it.