What can state agencies and school district leaders do with Compare & Connect K-12?

School district leaders can explore bandwidth speeds, broadband pricing, and service providers for their own and other school districts across the country. Armed with the knowledge of the bandwidth purchased by similar districts, school district leaders can ensure they are receiving the most bandwidth for their broadband budget and meeting connectivity goals so their students have the opportunity to take advantage of the promise of digital learning.  

In 2014, the FCC adopted the SETDA connectivity goals that represent minimum thresholds for every school to achieve in order to support digital learning today and in the future. Growth beyond the stated goals should be based on utilization patterns.

School Connectivity Goals:

Purpose 2014 2018
Internet access 100 kbps per student 1 Mbps per student
District transport (WAN) 1 Gbps per school Scalable to 10 Gbps per school