Service Types for Category 1: How do I identify which Category 1 service type to choose?

Due to last year’s E-rate Modernization order, there are three possible types of services eligible under Category 1.  We’ve found that most services can be categorized into either Internet Access or Voice services.  Some examples of these services and the appropriate service type are:  

  1. Internet Access: Fiber (Lit and Dark), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, etc.
  2. Voice: VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), POTS, Local & long distance, etc. These and other voice-related legacy services are subject to an annual 20% phase down.  For more information, refer to page 15-16 of FCC’s eligible services list. Additionally, refer to the USAC News Brief from 2/9/2015 on this topic.