How did EducationSuperHighway calculate the bandwidth my school district will need in the future?

Future bandwidth needs are calculated based upon the current student enrollment multiplied by the FCC 2018 goal of 1 Mbps/student, with a concurrency factor for the number of schools.

  • Single School and Small districts = 1
  • Medium = 1.5
  • Large = 1.75
  • Mega = 2.25

In order to be good stewards of taxpayer resources, many school districts and state networks use a monitoring based approach to increasing bandwidth beyond the 100 kbps per student threshold. In essence, they procure bandwidth at a level that is 30-40% above their peak usage levels and add additional bandwidth as their usage levels rise. This is an effective approach that EducationSuperHighway endorses, as long as school districts have an effective monitoring solution in place and the ability to increase bandwidth levels at any time during a contract. This approach is also particularly effective for large school districts and state networks, where the benefits of concurrency allow them to add bandwidth at a slower pace because a smaller percentage of users are likely to be on the network at the same time during peak demand periods.