Before Getting Started: What materials should I have compiled before I begin filling out my 2015-16 Form 471?

Before you begin your online Form 471, assemble the materials you’ll need to make the process as efficient as possible. USAC has a video to help applicants with what information to collect before you begin.  Suggested materials include:

  • Invoices and contracts from your service providers
  • 2014-15 Form 470
  • Previous funding year’s Form 471s
  • Student population for each school and the number of students per school that qualify for the free and reduced lunch program
  • Talk to your tech director and ask for your district’s broadband network diagram.  It should identify the number of connections and the bandwidths for your district’s Internet and Transport (WAN) connections. This will help you on the Category 1 Item 21 portion of the application. Also, in preparation for the Connectivity Questions, ask him or her their perspective on your district or school’s LAN/WLAN sufficiency!