➽ Purpose: How do I identify the “Purpose” of the service being requested?

Purpose identifies how your district or school is using the broadband service.  USAC defines the three possible purposes as:

  1. Internet: A connection from a particular building or aggregation point (such as a district’s central hub or a library’s main branch) to an Internet service provider.  This can also be a direct Internet access connection for a single school or library not on a Wide Area Network.  See Internet Connection on diagram below.
  2. Transport: Dedicated data connections between eligible school or library buildings often referred to as a Wide Area network.  This should not include your Internet access circuit; direct Internet connections should be listed separately as “Internet”. See Wide Area Network on diagram below.
  3. Internet and Transport: A bundled service of both Internet and Transport circuits.  These circuits include the connections between all of your schools as well as the connection between your schools and the Internet.  Only choose this if your provider does not provide an itemized version that separates out the costs for Internet and Transport.  If they do itemize, please enter your line items separately as either “Internet” or “Transport”.

network diagram