Every classroom,
every day

We can deliver on the promise of digital learning to every classroom, every day

Reaching the FCC’s 100 kbps per student goal opens the door to digital learning opportunities for students. At 100 kbps per student, only some classrooms in a school will be able to access internet speeds necessary to incorporate digital learning into their lessons on a daily basis.

Across the country, 85% of teachers say they want to use more digital learning in their classrooms. By providing 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) per student of Internet access, we can ensure that teachers can incorporate as much digital learning as they want into every classroom, every day.

A Bipartisan initiative for connecting our classrooms

Digital learning opens access to personalized lessons, distance learning programs, and opportunities to gain 21st-century skills needed for college and career readiness. A broad coalition of partners understands that these opportunities are not possible without robust Internet access. That’s why 40 Governors from across the country have committed to making sure every student in their state has the Internet necessary to create an environment where every student has an equal opportunity to learn.

State Case Studies

Montana State leaders making an impact

West Valley, Montana

State leaders in Montana are making sure every child in the state is able to take advantage of a 21st-century education in their classroom. West Valley is now able to work toward this goal by incorporating blended and personalized learning opportunities into their classrooms daily.

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Arkansas State leaders making an impact

Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas is the first state to meet the Federal Communication Commission’s school broadband goal of 1 Mbps per student, providing enough bandwidth to make digital learning a reality in every classroom, every day.

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