EducationSuperHighway partners with school districts that are unsure of how to upgrade their Internet infrastructure to support digital learning. We work with you to identify solutions to meet your goals and provide the technical and procurement guidance you need.

Is it free?

Yes, the service offered by our team of experts is free of charge.

Are you eligible?

If you are a district dedicated to implementing digital learning, but can’t because of a slow or unreliable Internet connection, or because bandwidth is too expensive, we want to work with you.

Your district is a good candidate if you’ve said:

  • Our network is slow and unreliable and we don’t know why
  • We need more bandwidth, but it costs too much
  • We need more bandwidth, but don’t know how to get it
  • We want to integrate technology, but we don’t know if our network can handle it
  • We completed an upgrade and the network is still having issues

How does it work?

EducationSuperHighway will assign a coach to work directly with a dedicated member of your district’s staff. Together, the coach and the district staff member will design a project plan to cover these areas:

  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Identify key barriers to attaining the connectivity your district needs
  • Craft viable solutions that meet your district’s needs
  • Develop a plan for upgrading the network
  • Work together to solve your connectivity issue

Contact us with questions about Upgrade Coaching.