Compare & Connect K-12 - Get more bandwidth for your budget

How the New Compare & Connect K-12 Helps You Access Greater Bandwidth at Lower Costs

Compare & Connect K-12, a free tool we launched in 2016, has been a powerful vehicle for districts to compare their bandwidth pricing with that of nearby districts. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve made three critical updates to this tool to provide a more seamless search experience and help districts identify the price comparisons that are most relevant to them.

New Compare & Connect K-12 Features

  1. Improved user experience

To make it even easier for districts to find actionable comparisons, the updated Compare & Connect K-12 has simplified map views. This newly streamlined user experience enhances districts’ ability to quickly hone in on the information they need to upgrade their bandwidth and internal network and deliver greater digital learning opportunities to their students.

  1. New functionality to help districts find the most relevant bandwidth upgrade options.

Our maps help school districts upgrade their connectivity by displaying nearby comparable districts that have more bandwidth for the same price or less. Upgrade options are tailored to a district’s size based on the bandwidth and connections they will need to scale their networks to meet bandwidth goals now and in the future.

  1. Direct access to helpful tools, resources, webinars, and technical support

Our free tools and resources are always available to districts, but in the upgraded CCK12 you can access them directly from the updated top-level navigation. For example, if you see that a district near you is paying much less for more bandwidth, you can take action right away through our RFP templates, webinars, or by reaching out to us directly for any support you might need in starting or navigating the network upgrade process.

About Compare & Connect K-12

Not knowing how much bandwidth you could be getting for your budget is a common roadblock to a successful, affordable network upgrade. Compare & Connect K-12 leverages publically available data to enable districts to see what districts around them are paying for internet connectivity.

This information can be critical for districts that want to renegotiate contracts with their current service provider or submit an RFP for bids that better meet their bandwidth and affordability needs. Rather than locking yourself into a long-term contract that doesn’t meet your district’s long-term digital learning needs, using price transparency data can help you find the most cost-effective option possible to increase your district’s bandwidth.

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