Help on your E-rate Form 471 Application – Webinar dates announced

In light of recent changes to the E-rate program, we’re working to help ensure the accuracy of this year’s Category 1 applications. After an initial analysis of early applications we are seeing a few common mistakes. To address these issues, we put together a resource page and created a list of helpful tips for filling out the Form 471 (see more below).

Plus, we’re hosting webinars to walk through how to avoid mistakes on your Category 1 — Item 21 funding request. District leaders and E-rate specialists are invited to attend one of the available sessions:

Avoid common mistakes on your E-rate application: Help with Category 1 funding requests

  • Wednesday, March 4, 3pm EST / 12pm PST — Access code: 534-356-521#
  • Wednesday, March 11, 3pm EST / 12pm PST — Access code: 711-941-684#


Pay special attention to these selections as you fill out your Form 471 application:

  1. Select the correct Purpose (in most cases “Internet” and “Transport” are itemized separately)
    In most cases, you should itemize the costs for Internet connections separate from Transport connections. Only in situations where the provider offers a bundled service of both Internet connection and Transport circuits should you select “Transport and Internet.” Transport services (also known as WAN) are connections between buildings in a district, whereas Internet is the connection from the district to the Internet.
  2. Select the correct Type of Service (in most cases it is “Digital Transmission Services”)
    For Category 1 broadband, in most cases, you will select “Digital Transmission Services” and specify the type of connection your district is procuring for that service. “IA Only (no circuit)” should NOT be selected generically for Internet Access service. It is a unique situation where a district is paying for Internet access at the provider’s point of presence separately from the physical connection to their building FROM that provider’s point of presence (note that “no circuit” is the operative term).
  3. Select the correct response for WAN (in most cases “Yes” for Transport connections only)
    WAN or Wide Area Network is a service that provides the connections between buildings in a district. Your district should select “Yes” for WAN if they have a Transport connection

See the full list of tips and other helpful resources on our E-rate Form 471 page.