What equipment and services are eligible for E-rate Category 2 support?

E-rate Category 2 Eligible Services

One of the most important features of E-rate is that it set an annual target of $1 billion annually to help schools upgrade their internal networks and implement Wi-Fi in every classroom.  E-rate Category 2 funding is a critical resource to enable schools to deploy a robust LAN / Wi-Fi network ensuring they can keep up with the demand for digital learning curriculums, including 1:1 device policies and multimedia learning programs.

When the FCC modernized the E-rate Program, the changes guaranteed that every school in America has access to Category 2 funding to support their internal network infrastructure needs. E-rate Category Two covers three service types:

  • Internal Connections
  • Managed Internal Broadband Services
  • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections

To help you optimize your internal upgrade, here are four questions we get asked most often about the equipment and services eligible for Category 2 support.