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State Partners

EducationSuperHighway partners with governors across the country to help accelerate network upgrades in K-12 schools.

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By partnering with EducationSuperHighway, the Arkansas Department of Education has taken an important step toward providing our students with the best tools they need for success in 21st century classrooms.

-Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

State Broadband Projects

Arkansas Pilot


In August 2014, EducationSuperHighway partnered with Arkansas’ Office of the Governor and the Arkansas Department of Education to develop a plan to lead the nation in meeting the ConnectED goal of connecting all students to high-speed broadband.

Working with school districts, education service cooperatives, service providers, state agencies and legislators, and other stakeholders across the state, the EducationSuperHighway Arkansas state broadband project consisted of two primary phases of work.

  1. Understand the K-12 broadband landscape in Arkansas through in-depth data collection and analysis.
  2. Develop a strategic plan to meet the current ConnectED and FCC Internet access target of 100 Kbps/student by the summer of 2015 and the long-term target of 1 Mbps/student by the summer of 2018.

As a result of this process, in May 2015, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced a 13 million dollar annual investment into the state’s fiber infrastructure that will support high speed broadband for schools.

Read our findings and recommendations in Smarter Spending for Smarter Students: Upgrading Arkansas’ K-12 Broadband.

Virginia Pilot


In June 2014, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a partnership between the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Education, and EducationSuperHighway. Recognizing that broadband access in Virginia schools is critical to creating a stronger workforce and a more competitive economy, the partnership aims to connect all K-12 students across the state to high-speed broadband.

Working with state agencies, service providers, and partners across the state, EducationSuperHighway will help ensure that all schools meet the president’s ConnectED goal of 1 Mbps/student by 2018. The Virginia broadband project consists of four phases of work:

  1. Research and assessment to fulling understand the K-12 broadband landscape in Virginia through data collection and analysis.
  2. Engagement with Virginia’s school divisions (districts) in a listening campaign to better understand the needs of divisions and explore ways to increase access and reduce costs.
  3. Develop and test model solutions to improve connectivity by researching and applying best practices to meet the specific needs of Virginia.
  4. Provide technical expertise and support to Virginia Department of Education and divisions as they implement the adopted solution.