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We are here to help ensure that every school district in the U.S. has the Internet infrastructure needed to support digital learning.

Compare your broadband speeds and pricing

Compare & Connect K-12 (beta) allows school district leaders to compare their broadband deals to those of similar school districts to help get more bandwidth for their existing broadband budgets.
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Explore your fiber options

Schools need high-speed fiber connectivity to support digital learning now and in the future. The Fiber Toolkit helps you determine the type of fiber connection that is right for your school district and provides actionable guidance on securing funding, procurement, and implementing fiber connections for your schools.
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Plan for network upgrades

Network Essentials for Superintendents is an action-oriented resource designed to help school district leaders kick off and lead their teams through a successful network upgrade. The steps in this guide ensure that superintendents can get their students and teachers the network they need for digital learning.
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Network Essentials for Superintendents

Determine your wireless equipment needs

The School Wi-Fi Buyer’s Guide helps tech directors determine the network equipment and features they need to build a robust Wi-Fi network and helps ensure that school districts make the most of their $150 per student E-rate budget for internal connections.
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Test your speeds

Find out if your district has the Internet speed it needs for digital learning and online assessments.

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