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How we work with school districts

Our district consulting team works with school district leaders to understand their technology goals and find a broadband solution that ensures students get the connectivity needed to meet those goals. All of our tools and services are free of charge.

Get more bandwidth for your budget

“We have 16 districts that we frequently compare ourselves to. [On Compare & Connect K-12], I was able to quickly compare our bandwidth per student to those key districts.”

Paul Puzzanghera, Chief Information Officer
Andover Town and Schools, Massachusetts

Compare & Connect K-12

School district upgrade successes

Appomattox County School District, Virginia

In Appomattox County Schools in Virginia, Technology Director Brette Arbogast used Compare & Connect K-12 to view price comparisons which allowed him to negotiate an upgrade of 4x more bandwidth at zero additional cost.

Darby School District, Montana

Our Fiber Team worked with Darby School District in Montana to help plan the district’s network upgrade. After securing multiple bids, Darby selected a provider that will build a lit fiber network, resulting in 33x times more bandwidth scalability for the future.

Hudson School District, New Hampshire

Hudson School District in New Hampshire is using information from Compare & Connect K-12 to renegotiate their E-rate Form 470 bids. As a result, they are getting 10x more bandwidth for $200 less per month.

The wealth of information contained in your [fiber toolkit] site is well organized, current and relevant, which is often rare when trying to research project in the IT world. It has helped me greatly thus far demystifying the daunting task of a fiber build project. It turn a ‘I think I can’t task – to ‘I know I can’ task!

Jeff Woods, Technology Director
DeSoto Public Schools, Florida
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